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Distribuzione asset digitali e dati con THRON

Deliver assets and product data in real time

Update content and product information in THRON. The platform publishes them automatically on each channel and shares them securely with teams and partners.

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Digital Asset & Product Delivery: what is it?

Digital Asset & Product Delivery refers to the publication of multimedia content and product data on corporate communication channels, as well as their sharing with other divisions or stakeholders.

One of the most strategic phases of the asset and information life cycle because it is the meeting point between the company and stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, partners and dealers.


What makes THRON’s delivery unique?

Most DAM software and PIM software platforms on the market enable distribution of content and product data, respectively.

With THRON PLATFORM you are in control of both, in real time, securely and efficiently.

One click is all it takes to monitor, activate or revoke sharing simultaneously both sharing with users and teams and publishing on each channel.

 All over the world. China included.

THRON’s key features for delivering assets and product cards

If you share and publish content and product sheets with THRON…

YOU are in control

Start or stop the distribution of an asset with one click.

CX is omnichannel

All channels are aligned and updated in real time.

Reduce time to market

Because you reach every customer, B2B and B2C, sooner and better.

Let us tell you about our idea of Delivery

Put your customers first.
Find out how to make your online and offline channels run at full speed with fresh content and supreme performance.

Anyway, delivery is just one phase of the lifecycle of products and assets.

With THRON you can rule them all.

Import & Create

Massively import all your content and product data.

Let creativity fly with connectors for your graphics suites.


Turn management into governance, say goodbye to duplicate data and assets.

Always find what you need, classify and categorise on the fly with AI.


Approve, review, comment and exchange feedback in an agile way.

Design any digital workflow without writing code.


Publish assets and data automatically and in real time on every channel.

Make the voice of your brands consistent across any touchpoint.


Power is important, yes, but never give up control.

Analyse volumes, performance and access to every assets and data.