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Manage digital products and assets

With THRON PLATFORM, the management of digital assets and product data is complete, consistent and agile. Everything you need to manage your information heritage.

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Digital assets and product data mangement with THRON


Digital Asset & Product Management: what is it?

Management of digital assets and product information takes in an enormous range of activities. 

From archiving on storage with predetermined access rights to defining a taxonomy to organise and classify them. From enhancing content through tags and metadata to searching for them. 

The management phase is particularly crucial for the productivity of the teams and the smooth progress of the processes. 


THRON centralises digital assets and product data

All DAM software allow the management of multimedia content, albeit with more or less advanced functionality. 

In the same manner, all PIM software enable management of product information. 

THRON PLATFORM brings together the management of multimedia content and all product data in a single platform.

In this manner, from a single tool it is possible to tag content, associate it with the information for the products it represents, search for what you need, classify it according to internal logic, and so on. 

digital assets and product data mangement with THRON PLATFORM

With THRON PLATFORM the management of products and assets is…

Who manages information and assets with THRON loves it because…

Access security is complete

The management of permissions and visibility makes THRON a treasure chest for assets and data. 

With versioning, everything is tracked

All modifications made are monitored, and content and data can be restored at any time. 

Any content can be managed

THRON supports the management of all types and formats of assets an organisation has. 

Let our management of products and assets amaze you

Why manage when you can rule?
But beware: you can only do this if photos, videos, documents and product information are in one platform.

In any case, management is just one phase of the lifecycle of products and assets.

Remember: with THRON you can rule them all.

Import & Create

Massively import all your content and product data.

Let creativity fly with connectors for your graphics suites.


Turn management into governance, say goodbye to duplicate data and assets.

Always find what you need, classify and categorise on the fly with AI.


Approve, review, comment and exchange feedback in an agile way.

Design any digital workflow without writing code.


Publish assets and data automatically and in real time on every channel.

Make the voice of your brands consistent across any touchpoint.


Power is important, yes, but never give up control.

Analyse volumes, performance and access to every assets and data.