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Stock up on governance.
THRON is your 2-for-1

Rule from a single platform the digital assets and product data that populate your shop shelves. Publish them automatically on radios, totems, catalogues, websites and e-commerce.

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Centralise, search and publish the data for all products and assets with a single tool

Oltre ad abilitare import massivi e sincronizzazioni continue, dialoga con le suite creative e supporta il lavoro di grafici e agenzie, facilita i flussi approvativi e distribuisce alle massime performance su qualsiasi canale digitale o tradizionale.

If your company is in the retail sector, whether you communicate through brochures, the product sheets of your e-commerce platform, via videos looped on the screens in aisles, or via jingles playing over the shop PA, there is little difference.

Each touchpoint is fed with digital assets, whether they be photos, video, audio, documents or product data.

Being able to count on a single tool in which to store and rapidly find the product data and content which represent them is the first step in reducing manual work and increasing productivity.

THRON PLATFORM retailers goes beyond.

By supporting the entire lifecycle of each and every asset, as well as enabling mass imports and continuous synchronisation, communicating with creative suites and supporting the work of graphic designers and agencies, it facilitates the approval flows and distributes on any digital or traditional channel with the highest level of performance.


Ensure constant synchronisation with the database of your products

For any retail or large-scale distribution company, the provision of visual content and data on all products offered is an activity of the highest strategic importance.

The centralisation and continuous updating of product information and content is the starting point for any activity, whether it be sales or communication.

Nevertheless, often this requires a lot of manual work, due to data originating with different suppliers and tools, with different structures and formatting.

THRON PLATFORM imports any information, from that present in supplier systems (ERP, PIM, MDM) to that from certified databases such as IceCat or Immagino, unifying the format in accordance with the specific company requirements.

The platform also manages all content in a univocal manner: you never run the risk of generating copies and can always be sure of finding the most up-to-date asset.

PIM for retail: an example


Product data and shots, together.
An essential digital bundle

example of THRON interface for retail and mass distribution

As well as centralising photos, videos, documents and information on your products, THRON PLATFORM also allows you to associate them.

The platform indeed allows you to associate one or more product codes (such as GTIN/EAN or UPC) to a piece of content, and as a result, all information such as dimensions, materials, descriptions, ingredients, warnings and recommendations for use.

THRON transforms your content into assets and streamlines the work of your teams, offering a single source of truth which is always up to date for all your information assets.


Non fare sconti alle performance dei tuoi canali e dei tuoi processi

Forget having to enter or share data and content by hand each time.

If you want, you can allow partners or external suppliers, such as translation agencies, to access the platform, establishing precise rules and permissions.

When necessary, it only takes a click to export the information for every product and all multimedia content associated with each of them.

example of a digital asset with product information for the retail world

Retail brands love THRON because…

It speeds up the work of graphics designers

You can export content on the fly to tools for laying out brochures, catalogues and fliers

THRON communicates with all tools

The APIs and connectors allow communication with all tools.
From creative suites to CMS.

It improves the customer experience

Governance is total, including tracks for the radio and clips for totems and digital shop windows.

Be amazed by our asset and product management for the retail world

We speak the language of companies that make retail and large-scale retail a better industry every day, supporting them on their journey towards the future of Digital Asset Management and Product Information Management. Here is our two-for-one. Try it to believe.

A single platform. For all team


Infinite assets, zero copies. One hub to collaborate, research and publish.


Marketplace and online shop updated in real time and without manual labour.


Approval and distribution flows are 100% digital. And efficiency flies.

Digital & CIO

It governs the ecosystem of digital business processes through APIs and connectors.

Information Technology

A single, secure platform for the company’s most valuable asset: its digital assets.