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Play it safe: it's cloud, you scale and recover budget

Your company's media content and product data in a single platform. Put it at the centre of the technology stack and orchestrate the digital flows of your digital ecosystem.

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The single platform for digital assets which integrates on the fly with your IT stack

THRON is a cloud-native SaaS platform which makes use of the most powerful languages and technologies available today. Some examples? Functional programming (to provide server-side services) and HTML5 and AJAX to create a dynamic, reactive, and engaging client-side experience.

This solution breaks down application silos and integration costs which would otherwise be required to support the safely creation, archiving, management and publication of product data and multimedia content.

First and foremost because it integrates a wide variety of functions in a single platform which are usually spread across different corporate tools (such as DAM software, PIM software, brand portal and collaborative and workflow systems).

Secondly because THRON PLATFORM offers native connectors which make communication effective with tools such as creative suites and website CMSs, as well as versatile and easy-to-use APIs.

Get all the benefits of a cloud-native tool

Its architecture and CDN guarantee the highest level of performance across the entire lifecycle of digital products and content: from archiving to publication.

Every line of code has been written following OWASP development principles and guidelines, to maximise security.

All monitoring systems are also connected to automatic alarms with 24/7 monitoring.

Avoid the costs for developing, maintaining and integrating custom tools

Custom DAMs and PIMs … sound familiar? Solutions created to satisfy specific use cases, which are often obsolete, and almost always costly to maintain and integrate.

In many cases they are digital libraries which offer partial support to the business and are lacking in functionality for the distribution of content and data on the end channels.

THRON PLATFORM eliminates superfluous costs, synchronisation times and the risk of crashes, accelerating your sales and marketing processes.


destinato ai costi di banda grazie all’ottimizzazione automatica degli asset*

Take back control of your digital ecosystem

Reduce bandwidth costs and, at the same time, reduce your dependency on systems integrators.

With THRON PLATFORM, you can centralise your entire corporate information assets in a single platform which configures and administrates with complete autonomy.


Technology at your service, not the other way round

Every component of the architecture is made of different virtual instances, the number of which varies transparently and automatically based on loading requests.

A software load balancer distributes the traffic between the backend services following rules which you determine completely independently.


Delivery SLA of 100%

A single platform to rule the lifecycle of every asset

Provide your colleagues with a single tool which features all the functions of a DAM and a PIM.

From importation to management, from approval to direct publication on all channels of product data and multimedia content.

Avoid application silos and wasting your budget by adopting lots of different tools.


to show page content to users*

Streamline all asset and information flows

THRON Connectors and APIs make the solution communicate with the other company tools such as PLMs, ERPs, PIMs, CRMs, CMSs or portals.

In other words, THRON is the crossroads for data and assets circulating inside and outside the organisation.

* THRON Total Economic Impact – Data collected by Forrester on a sample of customers.

IT teams love THRON because…

It is a fully fledged digital safe

Visibility and rights have granular configurability to prevent intrusions.

All external sharing is secure

The System Audit records all actions performed internally on the platform.

Our certification speak loud and clear

THRON holds both ISO 27001:2017 and ISO 27018:2014 certification.

Data integrity is important for us

Our technological partner is AWS, so we are always sure that your data are intact and up to date.

HTTPS protocol is used as standard

Digital assets and data passing through THRON cannot be intercepted and misused.

Performance is always guaranteed

Platform updates are performed without interruptions of service. For an excellent user experience.

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