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Import and create digital assets and product data

With THRON PLATFORM you centralise content and information in a single platform. In addition, dialogue with graphics suites makes the workflow of creative teams agile.

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import and creation with THRON


Digital Asset & Product Import and Creation: what is it?

Importing digital assets and products is an essential prerequisite for total and effective governance. 

Only by centralising content and product information can you rely on a single source of truth.

Centralising assets eliminates duplication, makes their management simple and their distribution across channels consistent.

The creation of new digital assets consists of shaping creativity with tools such as graphical suites in order to create new content (images, video or audio).

Creating a new digital product, on the other hand, defines the attributes and characteristics required to describe, catalogue, communicate and sell it.


THRON supports the import and creation of digital assets and data

DAM software are created with the goal of bringing digital assets together. PIM software, on the other hand, bring product data together.

THRON PLATFORM allows you to centralise multimedia content and product information in a univocal manner inside a single platform which, in turn, also integrates with creative suites. 

This solution therefore becomes the sole source of truth because, as well as managing all the history in a combined manner, it supports the lifecycle of each new piece of content and data right from the get go – in other words, the creation phase.

import and creation digital assets and product data with THRON PLATFORM

With THRON you import and create…

Want to see speed and productivity at work?

Import history, create the future.
Centralise all your company’s information assets in a single platform.

Import and creation are just one phase of the lifecycle of products and assets.

With THRON you can rule them all.

Import & Create

Massively import all your content and product data.

Let creativity fly with connectors for your graphics suites.


Turn management into governance, say goodbye to duplicate data and assets.

Always find what you need, classify and categorise on the fly with AI.


Approve, review, comment and exchange feedback in an agile way.

Design any digital workflow without writing code.


Publish assets and data automatically and in real time on every channel.

Make the voice of your brands consistent across any touchpoint.


Power is important, yes, but never give up control.

Analyse volumes, performance and access to every assets and data.