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Our idea of omnichannelity

Break down silos, cut integration costs and transform your IT stack into a digital ecosystem with THRON connectors.

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What do you want integrate THRON PLATFORM with?

THRON PLATFORM is the throne also because it dialogues with every business system.
Discover THRON’s connectors and give your processes what matters most: consistency.

From ERP to e-commerce.

thron connectors for CMS

THRON feat. WordPress

Update your assets in an agile manner.

THRON optimises them for you, publishes them in real time on your site and always distributes them at peak performance.

Fly the most up-to-date version of your content and product data between the pages of your WordPress site.

THRON feat. Drupal

Publish your assets quickly.

THRON automatically optimises them and distributes them in real time on the site, always at maximum performance.

Whether you have a portal or a showcase site on Drupal, it makes little difference. With the connector the update is instantaneous.

THRON feat. Livestory

Distribute your assets on the fly.

Your photos, videos and data are optimised by THRON, which publishes them at peak performance.

Choose the best for your web pages built with Livestory and feed them with always-fresh digital assets and data.

THRON feat. Adobe EM

Your CMS of choice is Adobe Experience Manager?

No problem: among THRON’s connectors we have just the thing for you.

Make sure that every time you update something in the platform, your website automatically aligns in real time.

Connettori di THRON
Connettori di THRON

thron connectors for E-COMMERCE

THRON feat. Salesforce

Focus only on your customers.

THRON takes care of brand consistency by automatically aligning all your product sheets.

Automatically publish the most up-to-date version of assets and data in your Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

THRON feat. Adobe Commerce

Lowers returns with top-notch information. Elevate the user experience with perfect assets.

Shots, videos and product data at the highest quality and always aligned in your e-commerce platform by Adobe.

THRON feat. Shopify

With THRON you publish your favourite photos and videos, without limits.

The integration allows you to make the single platform for governing content and products communicate with your online shop on Shopify.


THRON feat. Photoshop

Logo_final, logo_finalOK, logo_final.

With THRON you access your assets from the suite and save your designs directly to your hub. Want to say goodbye to endless copies?

Access your creations stored in THRON directly from Adobe Photoshop and import them on the fly.

THRON feat. Illustrator

Your graphics and projects are always just a click away.

Browse through THRON folders and import what you need into Adobe Illustrator on the fly, without ever having to leave the graphics suite.

THRON feat. Indesign

Search and import on the fly the assets you need to design and layout your work without ever leaving Adobe Indesign.

Connettori di THRON
Connettori di THRON


THRON feat. OpenID

Do you want users in your company to log into THRON using OpenID?

Access the platform via any Single-Sign-On system that supports the open-source OpenID standard.

THRON feat. SAML 2.0

With the SAML connector you map users to be imported via the SCIM protocol and access THRON via Single-Sign-On.


THRON feat. VideoMood

Distribute THRON’s videos in rotation on totems, screens and digital shop windows.

Take advantage of in-platform video content to create quality, customised playback for in-store totems and digital shop windows.

THRON feat. RadioMood

In THRON PLATFORM you can also manage audio and music assets.

And govern the in-store experience.

Use in-platform audio and music to create in-store radio schedules differentiated by time of day and days of the week.

THRON feat. Brandoh!

Create interactive and immersive storytelling experiences in an agile way with brandoh!

Retrieve assets and product data on the fly.

Connettori di THRON

We could talk to you for hours about THRON Connectors

Do you use systems in your company that we have not mentioned here?
Write to us! We will show you how you can make our platform dialogue with the rest of your digital ecosystem.

Those who use THRON CONNECTORS love them because…

The platform is at the centre of the ecosystem
They eliminate cost for ad hoc integrations
THRON preserve the brand on every channel