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Digital assets and consistent product data, from ERP to e-commerce

A THRON in which to centralise multimedia content and product information, publishing them in real time on any communication channel. With THRON, Chervò has broken down application silos and, with a single platform, made digital dialogue with customers and partners flawless.

13K Content and products
-35% Asset management costs
+15% CVR increasing

In short:


  • Sharing consistent information from ERP to e-commerce
  • Integrate flexibly and quickly, in any direction
  • Manage product assets intelligently and automatically.


  • +30% ROI of content strategy
  • -35% of digital asset management costs
  • +15% Customer Value Ratio

Quality, innovation, excellence. Prestigious sports clothing brand Chervò, has dressed its customers with style, practicality and elegance, on the golf course and during their leisure time, since 1980.

The Chic-Tech vision of the company and its founders combines sophistication with innovative products and patented technologies to make Chervò the most prestigious European golf, travel and leisure time clothing brand. Present in over 30 countries, from the United States to the Far East, over the years the brand has expanded its physical and digital retail network with flagship stores, pro-shops and corners. In 2020 it launched its online boutique.

Challenges and strategies

Flexibility, consistency, control. Chervò’s main difficulty was managing its product information in a consistent and synergic way across the various different systems used by the company and therefore also guaranteeing the uniformity of its final touchpoints, beginning with its e-commerce site.

Product Team and Design Office, repository and excel files, ERP, CRM, e-commerce. Every department managed the product information independently, fragmenting it across various tools and generating different output.


1. Share consistent information, from ERP to e-commerce

Fully aware of the value that lies behind its product information, particularly for the end customer, Chervò did not have the tools to guarantee the consistency of this information between one channel and the next and to keep it under control.

Thanks to THRON PLATFORM and its expansions, Chervò has managed to centralise the management of this information from start to finish, ensuring its consistency throughout the chain, from ERP to e-commerce. With THRON, the company can:

  • rely on a single tool for the management of digital content and product information
  • manage all workflows, from the enrichment of product sheets for e-commerce to the organisation of photo shoots, without ever leaving the platform
  • distribute product assets directly across all of its channels, including e-commerce, without any more duplications.

2. Quick and flexible integration in all areas

The solutions previously adopted by the company for the archiving of its assets, the management of photo shoots and the enrichment of e-commerce product sheets did not provide the brand with the elasticity and speed of integration it required.

THRON has provided Chervò exactly what it needed to accelerate its time-to-market and guarantee consistent product information at all times also on its e-commerce site:

  • Quick and flexible integration with all systems used by the company but also with its final touchpoints
  • A series of expansions to improve the efficiency and productivity of content&information management processes
  • A Plug&Play connector with which to ensure the automatic and real time updating of its Magento e-commerce site, without having to transfer information from the platform to its online shop.

3. Smart, simple and automatic management of product assets

Once consistency, speed and control had been guaranteed, Chervò also needed to manage product information and content in a smart way: simply and automatically, always using the same tool, through to final publication.

Thanks to the expansions and features of THRON PLATFORM, Chervò fully exploited the potential of the platform, managing its product assets in an integrated and synergic way across the entire chain and optimising its product images for the website.

  • With THRON’s Workflow it maximises the efficiency and productivity of photo shoots, which are organised via a single tool used by the entire work group, including photographers and external agencies. In addition, by exploiting the ability of THRON PLATFORM to manage product content and information in a unified way, the enrichment of the shots always takes place automatically.
  • Once the photo shoot is finished, Chervò uses THRON PIM to further enrich the product sheets with multimedia content and organise the information for the e-commerce site before going online, without ever leaving THRON.
  • Thanks to the THRON Real Time Image Editor , Chervò is able to optimise the product images for the e-commerce site directly at the moment of publication and in real time. More specifically, the e-commerce team can automatically change the background colour of the product images that will go online, saving time in the post-production phase and with needing to create copies of the images.

Soluzioni e feature scelte da Chervò


  • manage product information and content in a unified and integrated way via a single tool and distribute it directly via any channel with no more duplications
  • create a centralised and streamlined corporate digital ecosystem, thanks to a tool that guarantees quick and flexible integration
  • use a single tool to manage all phases of the digital content and product information lifecycle, from photo shoots to the e-commerce platform
  • optimise and change the background colour of product images for the e-commerce site, automatically and in real time, thanks to the THRON Real Time Image Editor
  • to optimise the organisation of photo shoots
  • to automatically enrich shots with product information.


  • to enrich product sheets with multimedia content
  • to organise product information for the e-commerce site
  • to provide the sales division with a single tool for the real time generation of constantly up-to-date product sheets.


for MAGENTO, to populate and update the e-commerce site quickly, automatically and in real time.


In terms of KPIs, Chervò estimated a:

  • +30% increase in ROI from more efficient content management
  • -35% in digital asset management costs
  • +15% increase in Customer Value Ratio due to multimedia content governance.

Chervò chose THRON because they were looking for a tool that could integrate quickly and flexibly with their systems, centralise their digital product assets and ensure consistency of information throughout the supply chain. I

In this way, it achieved a lean and agile digital ecosystem that could guarantee time-to-market and consistent communication across its end channels.

In particular:

  • always consistent product information, from ERP to e-commerce, and control over content
  • flexibility and speed of integration between systems, even during distribution on e-commerce
  • efficiency, simplicity and automation in the management of workflows related to content and product information.


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