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What do 4,500 humans have in common?


For twenty-nine days a month we select news,
data and articles on the future of digital assets and products.

On the thirtieth we send them by e-mail.

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    It seems like a legitimate question to us.

    Consider it the connection between the present and future of managing product data and multimedia content.

    Because reading the trends is important, but interpreting them makes the difference.

    For whom?

    For you, too.

    Above all if one of the following words is in the name of your team or your personal role.

    IT, digital, marketing, e-commerce, innovation, information, operation.

    north newsletter THRON

    For you

    Know that it is much more than a newsletter.

    Just as NORTH is more than just an anagram of THRON.

    Because at the centre is you and the future of digital data and asset management. Not our products.

    For us

    To remember knowledge in the frenzy of doing.

    We are inspired by our vision and analyse what is around us, mixing it with experience.

    We write it with passion, seasoning it with a pinch of irony that we cannot do without.

    For all this

    And also for much more.

    For the data, research and reports we carefully select each month.

    And the links to our events, white papers and all the guides we write month after month.