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DAM, PIM… AI: how to immediately reduce costs with Artificial Intelligence.

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PLATUM: a forty-year-old startup.

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Find out everything, absolutely everything about the DAM!

What is a DAM

Our idea of ​​CSR! Find out more.

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Enjoy the speed and efficiency you've always desired

With THRON PLATFORM you act instantly on digital assets and product information and achieve immediate results.

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in the Forrester’s
DAM & PIM Landscape 2023

Let’s reign over digital assets and product data

Here Digital Asset Management meets Product Information Management. 

With THRON PLATFORM you centralise the entire lifecycle of your product of the media content and information of your products. 

Three things that make THRON unique

Speed and omnicanality. Accelerate time to market

With automated asset delivery the benefit over three years is up to 307,000 dollars.

A single source of truth.
For your entire company

With THRON you reduce the time it takes to search for content and information by 90%.

Maximise productivity.
Cut down on manual work

Recover 80% of the time you spend optimising assets for different channels. THRON does it for you.

Data calculated on an aggregate sample of customers in The Total Economic Impact™ Of THRON. Cost Savings And Business Benefits by Forrester, 2022.

Market recognitions.
Our pride

Because the words of our clients and the analysts who study the market count much more than our own. 

A couple of useful insights

THRON what a DAM is

What does DAM mean?

DAM stands for Digital Asset Management, meaning the creation, organisation, approval, distribution and monitoring of digital assets. 

THRON what a PIM is

What does PIM mean?

PIM stands for Product Information Management and includes import, organisation, classification, categorisation, approval and delivery. 

Put THRON PLATFORM at the centre of your digital ecosystem

With THRON PLATFORM you break down silos: centralise features scattered across different tools on a single platform. 

connettore Adobe AI
connettore Adobe EM
connettore Adobe ID
connettore Adobe PS
connettore Brandoh!
connettore Drupal
connettore Livestory
connettore Magento
connettore OpenId
connettore RadioMood
connettore Salesforce
connettore SAML
connettore Shopify
connettore VideoMood
connettore WordPress

The platform, thanks to its native connectors, dialogues in an integrated manner with the digital enterprise systems involved from creation to distribution of digital assets and product information.

A single throne for each team and sector

A single platform, many use cases. 

Below are some industries and teams that fell in love with THRON after choosing it. 

With THRON you rule the entire lifecycle of digital assets and product information

What do we mean?

All, but really all, the activities involving your data and digital assets.

Import & Create

Upload assets and data together, create new ones on the fly.


Filter, classify and find what you’re looking for faster.


Approve, review and exchange feedback in an agile way.


Automatically update any end channel.


Analyse information and assets with dedicated dashboards.

Do you know us yet?

Digital heart, human soul.

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