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THRON is a software to maximize efficiency and reduce costs related to digital content management.

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THRON  Enterprise Content Platform

THRON is a software-as-a-service solution that allows you to unify all content-related processes in your company, centralizing and organizing all products and digital assets (images, video, pdfs, documents, web pages); deliver content within your organization and across your online channels at the highest quality; personalize communication through Artificial Intelligence, which profiles users based on the content they have viewed.

THRON is the ideal cloud software for you if your company wants to:

Automatically organize all files so you won't lose time searching, and streamline collaboration between teams.

Find out how to optimize sharing and approval processes with the solution 
Intelligent DAM.

Guarantee users the highest playback quality of content worldwide, and simplify the company's digital infrastructure.

Find out how to distribute omnichannel - even in China - with the solution
Elastic Media Delivery.

Customize communication with each user, even anonymous, and improve content production with valuable insights.

Find out how to offer your users only relevant content with the solution
Content Intelligence.

Collect in one place
and manage all
product information
both marketing and technical data.

Find out how to automate the creation of product data sheets and catalogs with the solution
Intelligent PIM.



Cloud, elastic, scalable. THRON technology guarantees reliability.

THRON is a Software-as-a-Service natively designed on elastic cloud architectures. This means that:

independently manages workloadsThe system independently manages workloads. It adds or removes resources based on the number of accesses or activities on corporate digital channels.
access content with maximum performances Users can access your content on every channel, through any device, worldwide and at the maximum performance.
web browser The company must not purchase and manage hardware, middleware or other software. Users access the service via web browsers or mobile applications.
data protection Maintain ownership of your data and platform users' data.
instant updates All system updates are immediately available, without having to install them.
utilizzo servizio You always pay only for the actual use of the service.

“With THRON we have reduced the cost of managing and updating content by 75%. In an instant, we can replace a single asset on all channels, worldwide.”

Gianluigi Zarantonello
WW Director of Digital Solutions at Valentino

“THRON has brought great innovation to all our business processes, introducing speed and efficiency. I was positively impressed by THRON's great expertise and their ability to fully understand the company's needs and to quickly deliver value-added solutions.”

Roberto Ghislanzoni
Senior Manager Marketing Services Whirlpool EMEA Business Product Owner - Cardinal Project

“Thanks to THRON we have increased retention by 620% by adapting editorial and advertising strategies to the interests of our audience.”

Eugenio La Teana
Head of Research&Development RTL 102.5

THRON is a brain at the heart of the company

THRON collects all the digital assets of the company, with which it feeds the front-end channels (such as websites, apps, e-commerce). At the same time, it provides back-end tools (CRM, business intelligence, marketing automation) with data related to user interests and content performance.

THRON is reliable, safe and fast.

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