the Intelligent DAM
for Marketers.

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Link Brand
to People
and vice versa.

Thanks to the support of Artificial Intelligence, THRON helps you manage all your photos, videos, texts and audio and control their distribution.
At the same time, it understands topics covered by your content and collects valuable data to know the interests of your audience in advance.


immediately makes companies more competitive with a tool
to reduce the complexities of marketing.

THRON the Intelligent DAM

The only DAM (Digital Asset Management) that classifies content using your taxonomy, distributes them to all channels, measures their performance and autonomously chooses which ones to show to your users.

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Simplify, Control and Manage
the entire content life cycle

Campagnolo has been able to identify the interests of over 75% of its CRM contacts thus strengthening its marketing automation initiatives.

Easy, Fast
and immediately

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