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Doors wide open to efficiency

CAME has chosen THRON to govern multimedia content and distribute it at peak performance and securely to any global partner.

A single platform for importing, organising and managing product shots and videos that dialogues in real time with an integrated brand portal and opens the door to partnerships that strengthen the Group’s business and market positioning.

15K Content
480 Dealers & Partners
118 Markets

In shorts:


  • Share up-to-date content with any stakeholder
  • Enabling secure external access to digital assets in the platform
  • Define read or write access to content in a timely manner.


  • More than 15,000 contents shared securely and in real time
  • Continuous and automated digital dialogue with 480 subsidiaries and distributors
  • Brand consistency across each of the 118 countries in which the business operates.

At CAME, innovation and security move hand in hand.

With over 70 years’ experience in the Home&Building Automation sector, today CAME is the benchmark in its field for consumers and businesses alike. A global partner for integrated automation, control and security solutions in all environments, its products are design to create intelligent spaces designed for personal wellbeing.

The company philosophy? Getting back to putting people first by creating innovative solutions which are able to anticipate their needs.

Challenges and strategies

CAME was also requiring for security in managing and sharing its content. With around 1,700 employees among 7 manufacturing companies and 20 branches, and 480 distributors spread around the world, the company needed a solution which would help it to convey its vision anywhere.

It was therefore essential for CAME not only to manage to communicate consistently with all its partners around the world, sharing up-to-date digital content in keeping with the company’s brand guidelines.

It also had to do it in a secure manner. It was important to be able to monitor how its partners were using the brand’s content and differentiate them by target (employees or business partners) differing in each area of the world in which the company’s solutions are present.

To do so, CAME wanted a platform to help it reaching this goal: sharing marketing materials, product images, certifications and technical documentation in a totally secure and controlled manner.


1. Sharing up-to-date content with its stakeholders, while protecting the company’s know-how

CAME chose THRON to share its content with employees and business partners around the world. Thanks to THRON BRAND PORTAL, it has created a genuine portal dedicated to its partners on which it can publish content in a differentiated manner. Indeed, access permissions allow the Headquarters to show to specific groups of users only the material dedicated to them, divided by language and market, keeping them confidential.


  • Employees and business partners have brand material at their disposal which is always up-to-date, and differentiated by language and region
  • Access to the portal is solely for employees and partners of CAME
  • Access to the content and the actions that can be taken on it is managed and controlled by CAME Headquarters through access permissions.

2. Keeping control over the content

To CAME, security is the key to reach its partners with a consistent brand image and messaging. THRON PLATFORM and Brand Portal have allowed CAME to:

  • Choose what content can be viewed by the different groups of users (partners of CAME) and what each person can do with the company’s materials, in a secure and differentiated manner
  • Maintaining confidentiality of the content, highlighting public, confidential and deprecated content within the portal
  • Monitor everything that happens on the BRAND PORTAL and with the content which is published, thanks to the Audit function.

3. Allow CAME’s partners to use its content, securely.

Security, but also flexibility. Employees and customers must be able to freely use the content present on the portal, downloading it or sharing it in turn with external users.

Thanks to Brand Portal’s wide range of features, CAME partners can download content depending on the required use and share it with resellers, spare parts suppliers and other users, while protecting company know-how at all times. More specifically:

  • They can download portal content at specific resolutions
  • They can share content externally directly from the portal, always in complete security, thanks to specific timed sharing pages which allow for password entry for access to the content and setting of usage rights
  • They can in turn upload content to the portal.
CAME THRON Brand Portal

Solutions and features chosen by CAME


to upload content and manage permission, users and access right to folders, in order to make up-to-date, consistent, approved content available to employees and customers all around the world, while protecting the company’s know-how and brand image.

Brand Portal

  • to share the company’s content with its partners in a secure and accessible manner
  • to make available marketing content and documentation differentiated by target, geographical area and confidentiality level
  • to create a dedicated corporate portal from which partners can view and use the brand’s content, in a protected manner, all over the world.


for SAML, to access the portal via the company identity provider and ensure access is available only to CAME employees.


  • Consistent communication and messaging to convey corporate identity worldwide
  • security in sharing corporate content and materials with partners
  • differentiated content for each corporate stakeholder, also depending on the type of user and market.


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