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Drag into the future asset and data management

A single platform to create, manage, approve and distribute product content and data. Enable every team in your organisation to collaborate like never before.

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Digitise and automate the processes of the lifecycle of all product data and content

Bringing the entire organisation into line with the corporate goals and taking your teams by the hand by working together to achieve the results are goals that are as challenging as they are strategic for your role and your organisation.

A technological leap in doing so consists of consolidating and simplifying the technology stack.

With THRON PLATFORM, you can reduce the number of tools in use (and the IT budget dedicated to them) because it centralises the functions of DAM software, PIM software, and collaborative solutions in a single platform.

Offer everyone in your organisation a single point of reference to import, find, enrich, use, and monitor your company’s most important intangible assets: digital assets and product information.

Orchestrate the digital ecosystem and enjoy the harmony of efficiency

The use of many different tools, particularly if they are poorly integrated, is one of the main causes of ineffective digitisation.

The consequences? Application silos, stagnating processes, and fragmented information.

In these situations, the tools in use require consolidation, particularly as regards assets and data, which are precious assets for the business which it draws on and which the entire company contributes to.

Supports all internal and external processes

The centralisation of product data and assets supports the activities of marketing and e-commerce teams. And that’s not all.

Customer Service teams have rapid access to video tutorials and guide documents, HR teams have access to the content which supply the corporate intranet or guide onboarding.

The platform guides the sales team, dealers and B2B partners in finding content and templates so that their activities are always in line with the brand guidelines.


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Content and data come together in THRON PLATFORM

The platform communicates with ERP, PLM, PIM or CMS platforms in order to centralise the entire lifecycle of the assets.

A single tool to create, approve, manage, distribute and monitor content lowers the costs for all tools as they help support the entire process; thank to the AI.


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Meet all teams agree. Yes, even IT

With THRON, even your IT colleagues will be safe and secure.

First and foremost because you secure all your information assets and eliminate the costs to implement custom tools.

And then because budget funds previously spent to integrate and maintain custom solutions created by systems integrators can be freed up.

Design flows and collaborate thanks to no-code workflows

THRON PLATFORM offers integrated chat, push notifications and an interface featuring a no-code builder to design and take part in workflows.

Thus, as well as being the company’s sole source of truth, the platform is also a communication hub for colleagues, teams and external partners, ensuring that productivity and information are not scattered across different tools.

* THRON Total Economic Impact – Data collected by Forrester on a sample of customers.

Operations team love THRON because…

It creates a bridge with the creative tools

THRON also communicates with graphical suites, accelerating the processes of the creative teams.

Connectors and API open the doors

THRON integrates website CMS, PLM, PIM, ERP and CRM platforms online shops and marketplace.

All workflows are streamlined

Brand portals and workflows make dialogue between teams, agencies, and partners agile.

Assets and data are always up to date

Marketers do not need to manually update and publish every single touchpoint.

Speed up the translation processes

Collaborate with translation agencies via export or directly within the platform.

Performance is always guaranteed

The architecture and CDN offer the highest performance even with peaks of traffic.

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