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What is it like to work at THRON?

Keywords: flexibility and balance.
If you’re wondering what it’s like to work at THRON, you’re on the right page.

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The typical day for THRON People?

There isn’t one. Yes, you read that right.  

Each of us has the tools and solutions to allow us to work at our best anywhere. 

All THRON People can count on flexible hours to best manage their work. 

Responsibly flexible: we like it that way

To perform at your best you need to feel good about yourself.

For this to happen, we confidently assign ourselves goals that we find challenging and achievable.

This gives us the freedom to organise each day independently but with a sense of responsibility.

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We are very proud of our premises

When we are together, it is somewhere which combines the past and future in a unique manner. Palazzo Negrelli is much more than just desks: it houses an amphitheatre, a break area and a gym.

From meeting towards participation

Meetings: the cross and delight of every company.

That is why we try to reduce them by maximising work in asynchronous mode.

In general, we prefer to contaminate each other at THRON Summits and THRON Talks.

example of what it is like to work at THRON with group activities and courses

THRON Summit, transparency is the goal

Every four months we gather for a few hours in the Amphitheatre.

Together, we align and discuss ongoing projects, achievements and future aspirations.

Because each and every one of us is an active part of a larger organism that evolves with us, for us and thanks to us.

THRON Talk: feed the fire of inspiration

Once a month we meet a guest from outside the organisation for an hour. 

The topic? None, it’s a free-form thing, as inspiration and culture don’t do well with boundaries.  The only goal is to spend time together and enrich each others’ hearts, spirits and minds. 

In a year of THRON Life…




Table football tournaments



Near to us

Piazzola sul Brenta is a small pearl to be discovered and admired.
A combination of some of life’s greatest treasures: art, nature and entertainment.

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