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Unleash your creativity,
THRON delivers it

Make your omnichannel strategy a reality. Publish the most up-to-date version of each asset on your B2B and B2C touchpoints automatically and at maximum performance.

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Take down manual work, improve the customer experience, communicate on all channels

We know it well: every day you spend time looking for specific content or data.

When you find it, you download it, copy it to the desktop, modify it and create a copy for each channel, manually publishing a different version on all touchpoints where your brand has a presence.

Lots of manual work which takes time away from your creativity, slows down your campaigns and risks creating inconsistencies which ruin the consistency of your communication and damage the user experience.

THRON PLATFORM centralises product data and digital assets in a single platform and deliver them in real time on websites, e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and portals at the highest levels of performance (including SEO!), because it optimises the loading time of web pages on the basis of the user’s browsing conditions.

Can’t ever find what you need either?

Photos, video, audio, but also product codes, descriptions, guides, manuals.

With THRON PLATFORM, you can centralise all your information assets in a single tool, so you no longer need to ask “where is it?” or search through your desktop or shared folders.

Associating content and information is automatic: when you are looking for a product, you will also find all the multimedia content that represents it (and vice versa).

Deliver automatically and in real time

THRON PLATFORM publishes the most up-to-date version of content and data on your website, product sheets on your e-commerce platform, marketplace pages or B2B portals.

In other words, you can always be sure you are communicating consistently and in an omnichannel fashion on all touchpoints.

With no manual work.


thanks to dynamic content optimisation*

Circulate product data and assets in complete security

Avoid having to manually respond to every request or make those responsible for giving your brand a voice wait too long.

It creates quick and secure links to platform assets.

In addition, with Brand Portal and THRON Connectors, you can always reach B2B or B2C Buyer Personas with maximum performance, regardless of the channels in which you communicate.

THRON univocally manages each asset

In other words, you eliminate duplicates and always know what the most up-to-date version is, but if you should need them, you can also recover older versions with just a click.

Have you decided how you’ll spend all the time you’re going to save yet?


for finding assets*

THRON PLATFORM optimises every asset

Sizes, format, background colour. It automatically adapts the attributes of all content on the basis of the specifications of the channels.

You will no longer need to download the assets to local storage, customise them to the requirements of the channel and then upload them everywhere manually.

Regardless of the Customer Journey, you can always offer quality experiences.

While THRON is bringing your strategy to life, you can relax and have a coffee!

Or think about your next campaign.

Your brand always, however and whenever

Share templates, brand guidelines and materials to ensure your branding is always consistent.

Yes, we’re talking about the sales teams and partners … 🙂


to reformat, upload and check content for every channel*

* THRON Total Economic Impact – Data collected by Forrester on a sample of customers.

Marketing teams love THRON because…

Collaboration is from the brief to the deliver

Workflows and notifications ensure constant dialogue with teams, agencies, and photographers.

The user experience is always at the top

THRON optimises all assets according to the conditions of use of the individual users.

They can share large files on the fly

The platform supports infinite extensions and file formats, of any size or type.

It supports highly structured contexts

The platform is multilingual and provides perfect support for multibrand organisations as well.

Team communication benefits from it

THRON is the source of truth for all teams, facilitating internal dialogue and onboarding.

The monitoring is fully integrated

You can keep track of which assets have been used the most and on which channels at all time.

THRON PLATFORM supports all sectors