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Win the Gold Medal thanks to the governance

Rule any digital asset and all product data it represents, from creation to omnichannel delivery both in the B2B and B2C channels. Elevate your customer experience.

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Communicate with B2B partners like never before. Offer high-quality experience to B2C customers

Huge numbers of different products, with a huge quantity of data, information and digital assets to deliver to disparate destinations, often with multiple brands for a single organisation. 

For a company which produces and/or markets sporting goods, governance of digital assets and the relative product data is a challenge which they must not only take on, but win. 

With THRON PLATFORM, you can centralise all your product photos and videos and associate them with descriptive, technical and commercial information on the fly.  

Collaborate and approve the assets created by other teams or by external agencies via integrated workflows

The platform communicates with ERP, PLM, websites, B2B portals, e-commerce platforms and marketplaces or catalogue page setting, making the flow of information and digital assets constant. 

Collect all your information assets in a single platform and publish it on all touchpoints. 

This way you can always offer your B2C customers engaging and dynamic browsing and purchasing experiences. And your B2B partners are always on the ball. 

Thron for sporting goods

A single platform for product data and the asset that represent them

From ERP to e-commerce, from the library of corporate digital assets to the website. 

Associate multimedia content and product information manually or in a massive way and centralise collaboration.

Design workflows and approve shots and videos created by in-house teams or creative agencies to whom you outsource shoots. 

Deliver your information heritage directly across all touchpoints. 

With THRON PLATFORM you uniquely govern the entire lifecycle of digital assets and 

product data, always ensuring maximum consistency at every channel. 

example of THRON workflow for a sporting goods brand

THRON foR sporting goods

Make your information assets available to everyone, at all times

product sheets for sporting goods e-commerce brand example

THRON PLATFORM is multi-lingual and supports your multi-brand strategies.  

Define a data model and taxonomy shared by the entire company – or even group of companies – so that THRON becomes the single source of truth and each piece of content is classified and enriched with consistent logic and naming. 

Create infinite types of catalogues and group different product data depending on who needs it: administration, B2B customers, outlets. 

Define automatic rules for the platform to transform the imported data and adapt them to each channel you communicate and sell on.   

Add information to e-commerce, marketplace and B2B portal product sheets which is updated automatically in real time, with no additional effort. 

Thron for sporting goods

Rendi indimenticabile
lo shopping digitale dei tuoi clienti

With APIs and connectors you make the user experience always impeccable.

Performance is always top notch, even during the days with highest traffic, such as sales, Black Friday or for new product launches. 

Thanks to its CDN and elastic architecture, the platform distributes product data and content with the highest performance, always, and all over the world. 

Security is always at the highest level: you establish which users and groups have access and editing rights for each individual asset or folder. 

example product sheet with digital assets of a sporting goods brand

Sporting goods brands love THRON because…

Sharing externally is immediate

It is secure. Whether it is a single asset or many, via the integrated Brand Portal.

Asset optimisation is dynamic

The intelligent editor adapts each asset on the basis of the channel, eliminating manual work.

Open your doors to productivity

Export data and link to the assets on the fly, and share them with your translators or your B2B dealers.

Be amazed at how THRON rules sporting goods data and assets

By supporting companies that produce and market in the sporting goods sector, we have learnt a lot.
If our platform is a favourite among your competitors, there must be a reason.

A single platform. For all teams


Infinite assets, zero copies. One hub to collaborate, research and publish.


Marketplace and online shop updated in real time and without manual labour.


Approval and distribution flows are 100% digital. And efficiency flies.

Digital & CIO

It governs the ecosystem of digital business processes through APIs and connectors.

Information Technology

A single, secure platform for the company’s most valuable asset: its digital assets.