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Monitoraggio asset digitali con THRON

Monitor digital assets and product data

By centralising digital assets and product data you have control over their performance in the various communication channels. Analyses every action taken on all your information assets.

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Digital Asset & Product Monitoring: what is it?

Digital asset and product monitoring consists of accurate analysis of metrics relating to the volumes, consumption and use of multimedia content and product data.

It is a strategical phase in data-driven organisations because it enables digital asset management oriented towards continuous improvement. 


With THRON you can monitor digital assets and product information

Constantly monitor any digital assets circulating inside or outside your organisation.

With THRON PLATFORM you centralise the entire lifecycle of media content and product data, so you keep everything under control from a single platform.

In THRON monitoring means…

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Monitoring is just one phase of the lifecycle of product information and digital assets.

With THRON you can rule them all.

Import & Create

Massively import all your content and product data.

Let creativity fly with connectors for your graphics suites.


Turn management into governance, say goodbye to duplicate data and assets.

Always find what you need, classify and categorise on the fly with AI.


Approve, review, comment and exchange feedback in an agile way.

Design any digital workflow without writing code.


Publish assets and data automatically and in real time on every channel.

Make the voice of your brands consistent across any touchpoint.


Power is important, yes, but never give up control.

Analyse volumes, performance and access to every assets and data.