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THRON is the name of our platform.
And of a group of ordinary people who together
do something extraordinary.

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Stefano Tessari Customer Service Manager
Sabrina Bolis Sabrina Bolis
Davide Chiarotto CEO
Susanna Brandolini People & Culture Manager
Nicola Meneghello President & Founder
Arianna Carraro Architect
Alberto Mosca Founder
Giorgia Mazziotta UI Designer
Matteo Rosina Sales Account
Stefania Castrignano Business Development
Enrico Comunello Enrico Comunello
Stefano Bisello Software Analyst & Developer
Edoardo Zanon Software Architect
Paolo Marchezzolo Software Developer
Marco Carpani Software Developer
Diego Rossi Software Developer
Nicolas Alberti Software Developer
Silvia Creponi Customer Success Manager
Antonio Comelli Head of Sales & Customer Success
Elisa Borri PR & Communication Manager
Daniele Fratin Head of Marketing
Laura Dalla Valle Product Owner
Alberto Bertaggia Copywriter & Social Media Manager
Laura Zaupa Visual Designer
Flavio Alberti Chief Information Officer
Cecilia Milan Accounting Specialist
Matteo Bacelle Product Designer
Cristina Pravato Facility & Desk Specialist
Sebastiano Caccaro Software Developer
Enrico Lauritano Customer Service Support Specialist
Giorgio Olivas Martinez UX Researcher
Simone Casotti Software Developer
Riccardo Vettore Software Developer
Leonardo Scattola Software Analyst & Developer
Anna Cisotto Bertocco Software Developer
Andrea Ragana Data Analyst
Federica Ramina
Samuele Zanella Customer Success Manager
Natascia Meneghetti Architect
Mirco Nalon Architect
Filippo Camillo Filippo Camillo
Margherita Facci Accounting Specialist
Alessandro Zanin Application Strategist
Leonardo Lupo Zadra Design Lead
Luca Agostini Software Architect
Francesco Bugno Software Developer
Emanuele Carraro Software Developer
Andrea Didonè Software Developer
Riccardo Corongiu Software Developer


A SaaS software company developing a single platform to govern digital assets (DAM) and product information (PIM).


A team of people with the goal of supporting the most virtuous companies to make their processes more agile and effective.

Our Dawn

Born at the sunset of the second millennium as a digital boutique, our zodiac sign is innovation.

Realising the value of the cloud at the dawn of the cloud, companies that manage content with THRON have always relied on power and control.

We help teams create, manage and approve photos, videos, documents

If we were to let only our numbers speak


Countries where you can deliver assets with THRON

+16 M

Assets created, ruled
and delivered by our clients


THRON users satisfied with THRON Customer Service

The ideas that guide us


What we are doing today

We develop software which supports the entire lifecycle of digital assets and product data.


What we want to be tomorrow

Digital pioneers of the technological and human skills required for the communication and sales processes.

“THRON continues along the path of pioneers and visionaries who live to break down barriers and create new paradigms.

Humans who simplify the complex, without trivialising it, through the agonising necessity of thought.”

Nicola Meneghello
President & Founder

The values which inspire us


The tough resist shocks.
The resilient try to absorb them.

The antifragile, on the other hand, feed on shocks, knowing that they will improve them.


Like precious energy which accompanies our human and technological journey.

The destination? The essential and constant search for excellence.


That we want to evoke in the people we interact with.

From the users who use our solutions to our team.


Enlightening the present and future of our clients.

Enabled by our unique technologies and know-how.

The impact we want to have

THRON Corporate Social Responsibility

Providing balance to teams, supporting the growth of the community and contributing to the development of our territory.

This, for us, is the deepest meaning of corporate social responsibility.

Discover the Life@THRON!
What is it like working with us?

When we are not working remotely, we can be found in Palazzo Negrelli, a historic building in the city which gives us a wonderful view where we can admire all the Baroque magnificence of Villa Contarini.