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With governance, fashion sets trends

Eliminate manual work and offer unforgettable purchase experiences. In stores, your website, e-shop or marketplaces where your brand is present, the watchword is omnichannel.

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Keep up with current trends: publish assets and data for your collection in real time, on every channel

For fashion companies, managing the lifecycle of digital assets and product data is of particular strategic importance.  

Customers are demanding, and their hybrid and fragmented customer journey requires constant and scrupulous alignment of the content circulating on the communication channels such as websites, e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. 

The consumer experience – which is now largely or completely digital – has a cascading effect on the brand image, which in turn strengthens or weakens its market positioning. 

Added to this is the depth and breadth of a product offering which is frequently evolving on the basis of the seasons, promotions, sales and B2B/B2C commercial strategies, retail and outlet

The governance of product information and digital assets provided by THRON PLATFORM allows lightening the manual workload and provides customers with an impeccable shopping experience at the same time.

Thron for Fashion

The photos and data of every collection is in a single point, without duplicates

Import any piece of product information, multimedia content and data.  

The platform manages each asset univocally, so that you immediately find what you need.

Say goodbye to data scattered across worksheets, ERP and PLM platforms, as well as copies of images and videos spread across desktops, shared folders and company servers. 

Define the data model and taxonomy.

Automatically associate SKUs and relative product information with all content, for example colour, size, material or price.

Manage all variants in an agile manner. 

THRON for fashion example product sheet

Thron for Fashion

Show the value of your brand to the entire world, at the highest levels of performance

Fashion PIM and DAM example concept

With THRON’s CDN, customers all over the world – including China – can get to know your brand and products, thanks to promotional videos and photos, always distributed with the highest levels of performance.  

The platform’s elastic architecture allows you to manage the biggest peaks in traffic due to product launches, seasonal sales or Black Friday. 

Through the integrated Brand Portal, communication with creative and PR agencies and press offices is also continuous, effective and always in line with the brand image.

Thron for Fashion

Omnichannel communication,
without any manual effort

E-commerce and marketplace product sheets, catalogues and digital portals for dealers and sales outlets, not to mention websites, brochures and newsletters. 

THRON’s direct delivery brings your omnichannel strategy to life. 

Distribute the most up-to-date version of each digital asset, optimising and publishing it on any online touchpoint as well as offline, via radio and store totems. 

Thanks to the powerful filters and classification of data and content, the platform also renders customer searches on any channel instantaneous. 

fashion brand portal example

Fashion brand love THRON because…

They can collaborate with photo-agencies

From the creative brief to the end channels, including post-production, without ever leaving THRON.

It optimises assets dinamically

Dimensions, format, background: automatically publish the perfect content.

THRON communicates with all tools

APIs and connectors allow communication with all tools. From ERPs and suites through to CMSs.

Be amazed by our fashion expertise

Fashion is one of the sectors in which we express ourselves best because since our dawn we have been working alongside fashion brands like yours. Let’s not add anything else, you will perceive the rest when we meet.

A single platform. For all teams


Infinite assets, zero copies. One hub to collaborate, research and publish.


Marketplace and online shop updated in real time and without manual labour.


Approval and distribution flows are 100% digital. And efficiency flies.

Digital & CIO

It governs the ecosystem of digital business processes through APIs and connectors.

Information Technology

A single, secure platform for the company’s most valuable asset: its digital assets.