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With governance, every gear is oiled

Manage the entire lifecycle of digital assets and product data from a single platform. Forget the manual work of populating and updating catalogues, B2B portals and websites.

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Save time and automate the association data-content

Photos of products, accessories or components, promotional videos or tutorials for support and service, or technical documentation such as guides, instructions and manuals. 

Digital assets are of great strategic importance for a manufacturing company because they are the foundations of the communication and sales strategies to the B2B and B2C market. 

With THRON PLATFORM you can import any content and product data into a single platform, associating them with each other in a mass process and finding what you need in just seconds. 

Constant dialogue with tools such as ERP, PLM, websites, portals, e-commerce platforms and marketplaces makes the flow of information and digital assets constant. 

Grease the wheels of your digital processes: populate catalogues on the fly, accelerate the time to market for distributors and end customers, and strengthen brand consistency. 


Imagine a digital warehouse for all your product data and digital assets

With THRON PLATFORM, you can univocally centralise all multimedia content and connect each piece with the data of the products they represent. 

Perform mass associations of product information and assets using EAN codes.

Avoid manual enrichment work, compilation errors, and always find what you need in just seconds. 

Establish the start and end dates for the validity of each asset in detail, as well as rights and permissions, defining which users (or teams) can upload, view, modify, enrich and download the content on the platform. 

example of PIM for production


A single platform, infinite catalogues for every requirement

example of a product sheet from the back-end of a PIM of a manufacturing company

Components, finished products, accessories, spare parts, installation guides. 

In THRON PLATFORM, you can manage all the catalogues you require separately, in accordance with your requirements, on a unique platform. 

Design and take part in no-code workflows to collaborate with internal teams and creative agencies, approving the assets which perfectly express your products. 

For each of them, you define the ideal taxonomy and enrich them with metadata and descriptions, as well as images, video or technical/marketing documentation. 


Data and content which is always consistent, from the ERP to the B2B and B2C sales channels

The platform allows you to rapidly export any digital asset, from multimedia content to product information. 

Download files ready for import into the tools you use to lay out your catalogues and brochures in just seconds. 

Through the integrated brand portal, you collaborate with retailers, distributors or press offices and share with them updated and consistent templates, content and data.

The platform also communicates with any B2C channel, for example online configurators, websites, e-commerce platforms or marketplaces. 

example of a product sheet for a kneading machine published on various online e-commerce channels

Manufacturing brands love THRON because…

Sharing externally is immediate

It is secure.
Whether it is a single asset or many, via the integrated portal.

Asset optimisation is dynamic

The intelligent editor adapts each asset on the basis of the channel, eliminating manual work.

Collaboration takes centre stage

Create agile, no-code collaboration flows, involving internal or external teams.

We are ready to tell you the secrets of DAM and PIM for manufacturing

VScrews, blenders or paste. B2B, B2C or both. Every manufacturing company is different.

We know this, because we work alongside so many of them every day. But the starting point is the same for all of them: centralising digital assets and product data.

Una piattaforma unica. Per tutti i team


Infinite assets, zero copies. One hub to collaborate, research and publish.


Marketplace and online shop updated in real time and without manual labour.


Approval and distribution flows are 100% digital. And efficiency flies.

Digital & CIO

It governs the ecosystem of digital business processes through APIs and connectors.

Information Technology

A single, secure platform for the company’s most valuable asset: its digital assets.