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THRON Corporate Social Responsibility

Our idea of CSR is simple.
We dream of a better future.
We have the ambition to make it real.

Corporate values, global goals

We take our role in the world very seriously. 

Our corporate social responsibility is based on values which place humans in the centre, in our extraordinary beauty and complexity. 

We are inspired by the objectives set out by the UN in its Agenda 2030 for sustainable development. 

In the awareness that even the smallest efforts to improve must be part of a global strategy. 

corporate social responsibility


Digital heart,
human soul

Our solutions combine high-performance technologies and expertise which aim at excellence.  

Sure, we’re a tech company with a digital heart, but we are fully aware that people are our life blood. 

That’s why we go beyond the usual “How’s it going?-Fine” to ensure individual well-being which reflects on the group and the wider community. 


Speeding toward the future, together

Our platform increases the power of action of companies who choose us.  

In the same manner, we want to facilitate personal and collective evolution by circulating ideas and knowledge.  

Because tomorrow passes through today’s opportunities, and only with them can everyone improve themselves and the world they live in.  

Which we live in. 


There is something big
all around us

Our software places us at the centre of the corporate digital ecosystem. 

Thus, as a company, we stimulate and feed the social and economic ecosystem of which we are part

We are proud of our roots and the beauty surrounding us. 

Could it be otherwise?

Let’s change tomorrow together?

Se condividi i nostri valori, saremo felici di valutare il supporto ai progetti che vorrai proporci.
Insieme, possiamo fare tanto.