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Consistent data, from ERP to the digital carts

The single platform to automatically rule and deliver assets and product data on e-commerce, marketplaces and showcase sites. Take omnichanneling from theory to practice.

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Boost volumes, raise values and lower returns on your e-commerce

Whether your customers purchase your brand’s products on Amazon or in your online shop managed with Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud or Magento matters little.

Each one of them expects a consistent and engaging user experience which provides the foundations for reaching (and exceeding) your business goals: increasing the value and volume of online sales.

With THRON PLATFORM, you manage the entire lifecycle of your multimedia content and all the product information it represents. From the brief to publication on the end channels, you and all the teams (internal or external) you collaborate with can count on a single source of truth in which to exchange feedback in an agile fashion.

The platform also optimises product information and assets, distributing the most up-to-date version of them in real time. This allows you to minimise manual work, accelerate time to market and reduce returns, because your customers can always count on reliable and consistent content and data.

You choose which content and data to publish on the various channels: THRON optimises and distributes it at maximum performance (e.g. by automatically converting the .webp format of your .png files).

This is why THRON cuts the bandwidth costs required to feed your digital channels by 40%*.

A single source of truth for the whole company

THRON PLATFORM is a source of truth because it univocally rules all assets, preventing the creation of duplicates which would slow down your work.

Centralise all the multimedia content and data for the products on the virtual shelves of your websites, e-commerce platforms and marketplaces in a single platform.

Dynamic and direct delivery. Shortens the time to market

Need to update a product description or image?

There is no need to search for the asset, download it or copy it to local storage to then upload it back onto the CMSs or noticeboards of the tools you use.

THRON PLATFORM distributes the most up-to-date version of your assets in real time wherever they are needed – product websites, e-commerce platforms and marketplaces.


to translate and deliver assets and data*

Forget the code and multiply automation with workflows

Having to make continuous use of different applications, as well as bogging down your days, prevents healthy and fruitful collaboration between external partners and teams.

The no-code workflows integrated in the platform save you the hassle of managing lots of teams such as technical, sales and marketing.

This means that the platform is not only the single source of truth, but also becomes the point of reference for the entire company.

Share briefs and feedback inside teams, between different teams, and also with suppliers outside the organisation.

Automatically associates each asset with its data

The platform associates promotional videos and photographs with all information (sales, technical and marketing) relating to the products it represents.

Zero risk of manual errors or of publishing incorrect assets and information.

From the ERP to your online shops, you can communicate with consistency and reduce returns.


on the post-production of images and videos*

Your new watchwords will be agile and omnichannel

After uploading an asset, the platform automatically generates versions with different attributes (e.g. background colour, dimensions, format).

THRON publishes the perfect asset for every channel, guaranteeing top UX and exceptional performance on all touchpoints (including SEO).

In other words, you offer an omnichannel experience, minimise manual work and reduce the time to market.

Share and notifications everything you need to collaborate

Continuous chat sessions with Product Managers, Customer Service and SEO Specialists.

Long email threads with translation and creative agencies; never-ending calls with Graphic & Visual Designers.

Not to mention file transfers with photographers.

With THRON PLATFORM, you centralise sharing and chat. This way, and thanks also to push notifications, you can centralise the entire lifecycle of your assets.

* THRON Total Economic Impact – Data collected by Forrester on a sample of customers.

E-commerce teams love THRON because…

All information is optimised

Define conditional rules and harmonise the data of suppliers and different systems.

Connectors and API open the doors

THRON communicates with the CMS of websites, e-commerce platforms and marketplaces for your brand.

The user experience is always at the top

THRON optimises shot, video and data formats according to individual user conditions.

Assets and data are always up to date

Every touchpoint of your online strategy is updated without manual work.

Supports the translation processes

Collaborate with translation agencies via export or remaining on the platform.

Performance is always guaranteed

The architecture and CDN offer the highest performance even with peaks of traffic.

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