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It's time to rule product data and assets

A single digital platform to create, manage, approve and deliver multimedia content and all information of the products it represents. 100% secure and integrable.

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Connect the digital dots of your ecosystem. Rule the lifecycle of every asset and data

A digital solution which centralises all your organisation’s information assets and puts an end to the duplications and inconsistencies created when different tools are used.

With THRON PLATFORM you can count on a single platform to bring together your multimedia content, the information of the products it represents, as well as all related collaborative flows.

The solution indeed supports the entire lifecycle of the digital assets, integrating with creative suites, automatically associating product data and content thanks to AI, facilitating searches, digitising the approval flows, and offering dashboards for precise monitoring of the corresponding analytics.

Thanks to THRON Connectors and Brand Portal, you control the dialogue of your company with partners and the market with an omnichannel approach.

A single source of truth for all teams

Define the taxonomy establishing how each and every digital asset must be tagged and classified.

Organise content and information without duplicates across different tools, and make it accessible only to specific teams and users.

Make searches instantaneous and facilitate the reuse of all your information assets.

Supports all internal and external processes

The centralisation of product data and assets supports the activities of marketing and e-commerce teams. And that’s not all.

Customer Service teams have rapid access to video tutorials and guide documents, HR teams have access to the content which supply the corporate intranet or guide onboarding.

The platform guides the sales team, dealers and B2B partners in finding content and templates so that their activities are always in line with the brand guidelines.


when searching for product data and assets*


availability for different activities after the adoption of THRON*

Zero silos, infinitely fluid flows

Eliminate silos and unstructured information deriving from the use of different tools by the business units.

Integrate THRON with ERP, PLM, PIM, or CMS platforms and centralise the entire lifecycle of your assets.

The single platform to create, approve, manage, deliver, and monitor content and lower the costs of IT maintenance and licences.


Delivery SLA of 100%*

Maximise the performance of every touchpoint

Its architecture and CDN guarantee the highest level of performance across the entire lifecycle of digital products and content: from archiving to publication.

For example? Association of product data and assets is automatic.

What’s more, dynamic delivery publishes the perfect asset automatically, ensuring incredible performance on every channel.

With the no-code workflow you really collaborate

THRON PLATFORM offers quick share, push notifications and an interface featuring a no-code builder to design and take part in workflows.

Thus, as well as being the company’s sole source of truth, the platform is also a communication hub for colleagues, teams, and external partners, ensuring that productivity and information are not scattered across different tools.

* THRON Total Economic Impact – Data collected by Forrester on a sample of customers.

CIO, information and digital teams love THRON because…

It creates a bridge with creative tools

THRON also communicates with graphical suites, accelerating the processes of the creative teams.

Connectors and APIs open the doors

THRON integrates website CMS, PLM, PIM, ERP and CRM platforms online shops and marketplaces.

The workflows are 100% digital

And the interface of the builder to create the workflows is 100% no-code so you can draw your collaboration.

It just takes a click to share an asset

Large or small, including mass operations. Share with users and groups on the fly.

Security is total…
and ISO certified

Some examples? Continuous backup, operational continuity, and granularity of rights.

It supports data-driven strategies

The dashboards enable continuous monitoring of the performance of assets and channels.

THRON PLATFORM supports all sectors