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The moviola of the most beautiful digital goal by La Viola

Centralised content governance, automatic and optimised distribution of assets, quality streaming even during traffic peaks.

With THRON, Fiorentina football club has implemented a media asset management strategy of effectiveness and brand valorisation.

30K Digital assets
+20K Monthly video streams

In short:


  • Effective media asset management
  • Control of brand identity
  • Maximum video and streaming performance



  • Centralised, duplication-free governance of over 30,000 digital assets
  • Over 20,000 monthly video streams at the highest quality

A historic club, one of the hottest fans in Italy, a city that has no equal.

With two Scudettos, six Italian Cups and a Cup Winners’ Cup, Fiorentina is among the most famous Italian football clubs.

Hamrin, Antognoni, Baggio, Batistuta are just some of the great champions who have trod the turf of the Artemio Franchi Stadium, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of generations of fans.

A passion that has its symbol in the Fiesole curve, but which today lives on through the several digital channels in which the club tells its story, strengthening, day after day, the strong bond with the many Viola fans in Italy and around the world.

Challenges and strategies

Today more than ever, football teams play a communication game that goes far beyond the green rectangle and the canonical 90 minutes of matches.

Highlights, interviews, press conferences, live streaming: every day, images and videos broadcast on the various official channels tell fans and insiders about news and events.

An enormous production of content that for a historic team like Fiorentina means over 20,000 monthly streams and 30,000 media assets distributed.

It’s a challenge that must be met, because at stake are also the brand protection and the quality of user’s web experience.

Inefficiencies in processes, poor control over materials and non-optimised content are own goals that cannot be suffered.

For this reason, Fiorentina has chosen to play on the offensive and rely on THRON, with three main objectives:

  1. Rule the assets with a centralised and structured media organisation.
  2. Protect the brand identity through controlled content delivery.
  3. Elevate photo and video streaming performance to the highest quality.


1. Total content governance through centralised asset management

Managing thousands of pieces of content, with continuos production, often means high fragmentation, wasted time and poor asset control.

To dribble this risk, Fiorentina has instead equipped itself with THRON PLATFORMa single hub that manages the entire lifecycle of the brand’s multimedia assets relating to the men’s, women’s and under 19 teams.

In the platform, images and videos are enriched with a series of metadata that contextualises them and, therefore, organised in shared digital folders. This centralisation ensures a quick search for items and maximum control thanks to granular management of access and editing rights for authorised users.


  • Centralised asset management, from production to delivery
  • Automatic enrichment of assets with metadata
  • Total control of delivery processes.

2. Maximum protection of brand identitity with automatic asset delivery

From match highlights to interviews with players, from football market news to press conferences.

Purple fans and journalists demand high-performance editorial content. Just like the team on the pitch, quality performance is also demanded from streaming, live or deferred.

For Fiorentina’s communication area, this meant a lot of work: every time they had to publish an asset on a final channel, they had to copy it (duplicating), losing time and, above all, control over the asset itself.

With THRON, however, the problem was solved: the platform associates each content with a unique URL which remains the same even when new versions of the file are added.

The result? No duplication of assets and a website and web tv that update automatically, always guaranteeing the consistency and homogeneity of the material.

Not only that. The direct delivery from THRON to the web avoids Fiorentina’s marketers having to upload materials to the CMS galleries: the server is thus lighter and site performance improves.


  • Content is always one, without duplication
  • Website and web tv automatically updated
  • Improved site performance thanks to direct asset delivery.

3. Streaming performance always on top

It is not just a question of the highest quality content.

Users also want the highest quality streaming, especially in the hottest moments: interviews and pre-match conferences, the match live of U19 team and post-match interventions.

It is on these occasions that web TV experiences traffic peaks that need to be managed in the best possible way so as not to compromise the viewing experience and, consequently, the brand image.

Thanks to THRON’s architecture and its CDN Content Delivery Network, Fiorentina now offers supreme performance to its users. In fact, the platform allows performance scaling in any condition and demand, automatically based on traffic volumes.

In addition, THRON’s Universal Player has improved the efficiency and performance of communication channels. 

The Player allows the violet company to distribute images and videos that are always perfect for the user’s conditions, automatically adapting them to the browser and connection speed. This guarantees the best possible quality and, thanks to the customisation possibilities offered by the player, also full consistency with the brand guidelines.


  • Highest streaming quality even during traffic peaks
  • Optimised content delivery according to the conditions of use of each user
  • User loyalty thanks to a consistent and always top-class user experience.

Solutions and features chosen by Fiorentina


  • to manage photo shots and video from a single hub, without duplicates
  • to deliver streaming and live video, always at peak performance, even during traffic peaks.


With THRON PLATFORM Fiorentina:

  • has centralised over 30,000 photos and videos (broadcast live or deferred) on a single platform
  • delivers over 20,000 streams of video interviews, conferences and matches directly from its site, with top performances.


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