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September 2023 Product

Forrester’s DAM & PIM Landscape 2023

Forrester’s PIM Lanscape Q2 2023: THRON is the only Italian tech company among the global PIM vendors. Find out more about our PIM software.

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December 2022 Product

Forrester: time to market with THRON is worth over $300K

With THRON, time to market is accelerated which, in turn, translates into a benefit of over $300,000 according to Forrester.

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July 2022 Product

THRON 7: we have never been so Throne

THRON 7: Between latest releases, news and vision of the future. Never before have we been so … Throne.

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June 2022 Product

A new UX for WordPress connector

We have released a new version of THRON’s Wordpress connector, a bridge connecting content marketing strategies to websites.

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June 2022 Product


100% no-code digital flows have landed at THRON PLATFORM. Discover WORKFLOW and elevate collaboration with every team!

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May 2022 Product

Enhancing agility with the new Adobe CC connector

We have released a new version of the Adobe CC connector, which connects THRON with creatives: Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

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March 2022 Product

Whirlpool, less 66% time to edit image with THRON

In this article, find out how KitchenAid, a brand of the Whirlpool Group, achieved these results thanks to THRON.

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