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A new UX for WordPress connector

We have released a new version of the THRON WordPress connector, the virtual bridge that connects the content marketing strategies of some of the world’s biggest brands to their websites.

Digital asset delivery according to THRON

It’s no secret to anyone who knows us. We have a very simple idea of digital asset delivery. No duplications.

We translate this into centralised management of every single asset, which takes place directly on our hub. From it, we distribute directly on every final channel without copying and pasting an image or video on the desktop, the servers or even the CMS galleries themselves.

The hub constantly dialogues with each brand’s communication touchpoints. When the asset on the hub is updated, all the channels on which it’s distributed will automatically be updated, too.

Il connettore WordPress

The THRON WordPress connector enables assets’ distribution on all the websites managed by means of the CMS. It doesn’t just eliminate the barriers between the DAM Platform and the website; it actually builds a digital highway between the two.

Thanks to the connector:

  • Website editors have access to the constantly up-to-date contents in the DAM software, directly from the CMS package. In fact, thanks to the dedicated plug-in, the connector avoids the sequence of download to local followed by upload to the gallery, making the whole process much faster and eliminating duplications.
  • Whenever a content present in THRON is modified, it will automatically be updated on the website managed using WordPress.
  • Businesses can reproduce contents on their website using the THRON Universal Player. The player, able to distribute images, videos, audios, documents and any other content, is completely customisable and features a series of functions that ensure contents always provide the very highest performance levels at every user interaction. These include lazy loading, the automatic SEO optimisation of contents reproduced, and the ability to dynamically adapt contents’ quality to the user’s conditions.

The latest updates to the WordPress connector

We had two aims when updating the connector:

  • to improve the user experience of marketers who utilise it
  • to increase the number of THRON delivery functions supported by the connector.  

In particular, with the new release our clients have access to a series of parameters of our THRON Real Time Image Editor enabling them to adjust specific characteristics on images independently, directly from the connector. In detail:

  • smart image cropping, with choice of Automatic, Centred, Product and Manual
  • Quality, Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness and Color.     

What’s more, the connector’s interface is now more consistent with the WordPress Gutenberg editor. 


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