Antifragility, Innovation and Inspiration.

Antifragility, Innovation and Inspiration are the main values we look for in the people who contribute to THRON, to make our team even more exceptional and simply special.

We are aware that events are uncontrollable, so THRON is tenacious, flexible, indomitable and creative. Indeed, antifragility means facing difficulties and welcoming trials and errors as an opportunity for improvement.

We improve by innovating ourselves to adapt to changing contexts and to offer our customers technological solutions that are always useful and up-to-date, in accordance with the needs that are presented to us.

Offering functional and innovative solutions is not enough: we have to use our expertise, striving to be inspiring on a daily basis and to help our customers achieve their goals in this way.

THRON  follows in the wake of pioneers of thought who break down barriers to create new paradigms, simplifying, without trivializing, what is complex through the painful necessity of thought.
Nicola Meneghello
CEO & Founder

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