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Davide Chiarotto is our CEO, Nicola Meneghello our President

It’s official: Davide Chiarotto, already COO since 2017, is the new CEO of THRON
Our founder Nicola Meneghello now holds the role of President.

The double appointment is just the latest step in a constant evolution, which aims to make us reach new goals in continuity with the solid growth that has long characterised our company.

A few words about Davide Chiarotto new CEO

THRON People since 2012, for the past six years Davide has been Chief Operating Officer, coordinating every operational structure and helping to make THRON the platform in the DAM and PIM markets.

 «It’s now eleven years since I first set foot in the company, attracted by the project, the shared values and the opportunity to express myself in a disruptive company,» Davide told the press. «Today, more than then, those feelings are alive and I am honoured by this role».

According to newly-appointed president Nicola Meneghello «Davide’s appointment is the natural evolution of two parallel growth paths: his own and that of THRON itself, which in 2022 reached a turnover of 6 million euros, with an EBITDA of 1.3 million euros: numbers that confirm consistently positive trends».

Firmly projected into the future

«Over the last few years, we have managed to build, thanks to a fantastic team, a reality of excellence, capable of creating a system with universities and other companies, becoming a point of reference in the area» said Davide.

Goals achieved thanks also to the relentless focus on perfecting organisational processes, of which the two new appointments represent a fundamental milestone. 

A path that, although it has led to the definition of new roles, is based on the same old value.

«My role evolves to guarantee continuity and the strong values that have always inspired us,» says Nicola, who continues, «as President I will take care of strategic development, external relations and management mentorship».

Davide Chiarotto nuovo CEO, Nicola Meneghello Presidente di THRON
Nicola Meneghello and Davide Chiarotto

The ambitious target of 10 million turnover

And now fast, towards new goals.

«From a geographical point of view, we aim to consolidate our compact positioning in Italy and, in parallel, penetrate new markets, starting with the closest ones;» Davide shared with the press, concluding – in figures, all this translates into the goal of reaching the 10 millions turnover threshold within the next three years».

Ambitious but also stimulating goals, which will push each and every one of us to undoubtedly continue to give our best.   

On behalf of all the THRON People, it only remains for us to wish Davide and Nicola the best of luck in their respective new roles! 

A little press review on the news

You can also read more about it on some Italian online publications:

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