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Forbes: THRON, story of a provincial giant

Giacomo Spotti, journalist for Forbes Italy, interviewed our CEO Nicola Meneghello, who spoke mainly about two topics: market and corporate social responsability.

Giganti di provincia (Provincial Giants), this the title of the piece, published in the October 2022 issue on pages 88 and 89 of the famous business magazine.

Below is a brief excerpt of the interview, the full version of which can be viewed by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

Leading in the US market

“It is not enough to have the most innovative idea in the world. If the market doesn’t buy it, you don’t get off”.

The interview opens by quoting the words of Nicola Meneghello from a few years ago to recount the dawn of THRON’s pioneering adventure in the DAM software market, which began some time ago. 

A path that has seen the Throne digitally support dozens and dozens of national manufacturing excellences over time, to arrive in recent months overseas in the States, a historically complex market for Italian it companies to conquer. 

A strong link within the territory

THRON Corporate Social Responsibility has always had a strong bond with the territorythe community and its employees.

in the course of the interview, Nicola Meneghello reiterates several times the importance of the social role of companies because “…we live in an erra of great nihilism and companies must play their part to counter it.”

The opening of a gym for employees and the community, the collaboration with a local catering school for the canteen service and the support of local artists for the creation of the book Decattives are initiatives that feed and direct this vision.

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