Content Performance Dashboard

Here you find a list of the best content to produce

Every marketer’s dream has become a reality: The Content Performance Dashboard tells you which is the best content to turn a lead into a customer.

Understanding if and how content influences the purchasing behavior of a customer is useful to produce new content that immediately brings concrete results.

The THRON Content Performance Dashboard analyzes and measures the performance of all your content in terms of Calls to Action acted upon by individuals, such as the purchase of a product, subscription to the newsletter, etc.

You can, therefore, understand which topics and formats your audience prefers, without wasting resources on the production of those that are less effective.


Content Performance is like a dream to any Marketer: you can combine available filters to make dynamic reports and understand how content moved your customers across their buyer’s journey. Then, check if content performance is matching the expected goal.

Available filters:

  • engagement index related to any customer
  • primary Topics
  • channels
  • geographical distributions
  • type of targets




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