Platform Audit

Monitor internal activities and don't lose track of your content

This feature allows you to have a complete report of every action that has been made and maintain their track over the time, in order to let platform admins discover the origins of an event, the people involved and the related context, without the need of manual intervention or integration with external monitoring platforms. 

With THRON, from the same dashboard, it is possible to prevent users perform the actions that don’t respect the company policy, such as changing and updating content, editing permissions, publications, and external sharing; it is possible to keep track of them also if they’re performed by an app.


How does it work in detail?


Administrator log 

Thanks to access log console you can keep under control everything that happens on THRON Platform. The available filters are data, user, the app that performed the action, reference target and the kind of action. 

For every action, you can see when it has been performed, the user agent and the IP address from which it has been done. At any time, for every content, it is possible to export a csv file and decide after how much time the old audit data should be deleted.



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