Predictive Content Recommendation

Adapt the content of your pages to the person who visits them

Predictive Content Recommendation (PCR) is the THRON module which allows you to automatically customize the web pages of your channels to increase user retention and engagement.

Based on who is visiting a certain page, PCR displays content in line with their interests evident from their previous interactions on all brand channels.

The recommendations work across multiple channels allowing you to integrate the PCR module with any application or platform (Web Content Management System, e-commerce, etc.). In this way, each individual user's behavior is tracked and therefore their interests captured across all digital touchpoints (e-commerce, landing page, website, etc.). In addition to this PCR can propose pages from different channels to the one the user is currently on.

There is no limit on the number of recommendations you can create. For each one, you can also choose specific settings, by configuring the following parameters:

  • Tag boost - you can define a set of tags which when present will suggest the content over others.
  • Recently viewed - you can include in the recommendation content that the user has recently visited.
  • Content without views - You can include in the recommendation content without views.

Recommendation types

Widget recommendation

Through the Widget recommendation, you can automatically propose new pages to users that are surfing your website. In this way, you direct them to the most appropriate content, according to their interests, independent on the channel they are in. This mode is also useful to accompany the user down the funnel, from the stage of awareness of your product or service, up to the decision to purchase.

 Widgets are entirely customizable, you can manage and track pages directly from the Intelligent DAM.

Player Recommendation

Through THRON Player you can recommend your content in order to lengthen the time spent inside your channels.

Images, videos, PDF: you choose what to show. In order to create a new visualization path, you just need to generate an embed code, enabling the recommendation, and past it in the page.

At the end of the content playing, the user will automatically receive a further content proposal, chose by THRON AI and in line with their interests.

Measure your recommendation performances

You can measure the performance of every single recommendation to always know what your users click most and to make your strategy better. Inside the platform, you have a real dashboard that shows you how your recommendation is performing, based on the click-through-rate.

You can analyze which content or topics are clicked most, which is the target that interacts most with your content and you understand which are the topics or the content on which focusing your investments, in order to maximize conversions.


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