Predictive Content Recommendation

Adapt the content of your pages to the person who visits them

Offer your users a unique experience and increase retention thanks to fresh and relevant content.

The PCR displays content that deals with subject matters in line with the interests demonstrated up until now by each user. In particular, it does so in a cross-channel way. If the user moves between your various sites (e-commerce, landing pages, website, etc.), you will never lose sight of them and will be able to guide the buyer journey in a coherent manner. Indeed, among the offers, there may also be content that is located beyond the website where the customer currently finds themselves.

Moving from the target concept to that of the individual, you can offer the visitor a complete and personalized experience, increasing their level of satisfaction and interaction with the brand.

THRON PCR transparently adapts itself to your web content management system, app or e-commerce. In this way, it makes integration easy, but in particular, it offers an extremely fluid customer experience because it considers all content viewed by the user up until this point, also on other channels.


The machine learning algorithm used by each THRON Recommendation can be enhanced thanks to specific rules which can be entirely configured by the user. Available rules are:

  • Tag boost - you can define a set of tags in presence of which the content will be suggested in the top positions.
  • Domains - you can limit the view count to specific domains.
  • Recently viewed - you can include among recommended content even those recently visited by the specific contact
  • Content without visits - You can include among recommended content even those which do not have visits. In this case you must specify the URL to which users will be redirected once one of these content is clicked.


Here are the articles chosen
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