Predictive Content Recommendation

Dinamically adapts your pages to the user who is visiting them

Predictive Content Recommendation (PCR) allows you to automatically customize web pages. Depending on who is visiting a certain page, this feature selects which content to show so that it is in line with the interests that the user has shown up to then, browsing the various channels of the brand. 

With PCR you eliminate the costs and the problems deriving from the integration of your systems and channels with a recommendation tool. On the other hand, to integrate PCR with your applications and platforms (Web Content Management System, e-commerce, etc.) just copy and paste a line of code.


How does it work?


For each recommendation you can set up a specific operation by configuring the following parameters

  • Tag boost - you can define a set of tags which when present will suggest the content over others.
  • Recently viewed - you can include in the recommendation content that the user has recently visited.
  • Content without views - You can include in the recommendation content without views.

Recommendation mode

Recommendation in Widget mode


Using the Recommendation Widgets you can automatically propose new pages to visit to users who are browsing your website, to ensure that they are always directed to the most relevant content, depending on their interests and regardless of the channel they are currently using. 

This mode is equally useful to accompany the user in his/her descent along the funnel, from a phase of getting to know your product or service towards the final decision to purchase. 

Recommendation Widgets can be customized directly from the DAM.

Recommendation in player mode


With the THRON Player you can recommend your multimedia content with the objective of increasing the time spent on your pages.  

Images, videos, PDFs: you choose what to show. Just generate an embed code by enabling the recommendation and paste it on the page to create a new viewing path. At the end of the reproduction of the content, the user will automatically receive a further proposal, chosen by the THRON AI and based on his/her interests.

Misure the performance of your recommendation


You can measure the performance of each individual recommendation to always know what your users click the most and improve your strategy. 

The platform has a dashboard that tells you the progress of your recommendation based on the click-through-rate. You can analyze what content or topics are most clicked, the audience profile that interacts with your content, and understand the topics or content you should focus your investments on in order to maximize conversions.

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