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On foot, by sea or by air, women and men have been travelling since time immemorial.
Stars, winds and compasses enabled the ancients to find their way around the world and contribute to the development of our planet. Millions of years later, getting lost is easier than it looks.




The journey into the future begins.

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Newsletter NORTH



We at THRON have been talking about digital assets for as long as we can remember.
Today their impact is increasingly evident.
On the horizon, new scenarios are becoming sharper.
NFT, virtual showrooms, blockchain and metaverse, to name a few.
NORTH is the link between the present and the future.
It is the understanding of what lies ahead that makes us aware of what will be.  
NORTH is much more than an anagram.
  • it is a collection of news, data and events on digital assets and products management
  • it is the newsletter for those whose job title contains words as digital, IT, innovation or marketing
  • it is our monthly contribution to digital travellers.