Measure your content performance and increase user engagement

CONTENT INTELLIGENCE is the additional module of the Intelligent DAM Platform that allows you to measure your content performance and to find out how it is influencing your users' actions. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence you can collect strategic data about your users' interests and increase engagement through personalized communication.

Problems that CONTENT INTELLIGENCE solves:

1. I don't know if the content I make are worth the investment.

Measure which content is most influencing your users' choices.

2. I have to customize my messages.

Offer content always in line with users' interests, in real time.

3. I need to know what my users are interested in.

Integrate your CRM's socio-demographic information with the interests of your visitors.



Features involved:

Content Performance
Content PerformanceA dashboard to identify what content and what topics are most driving your users' actions.
Single Customer View
features_icon_scv_300A detailed user profile, with information about their interests and their whole visualization path across your channels.
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Content Analytics
Content AnalyticsA dashboard highlighting which topics and what kind of content your audience likes the most.
Predictive Content Recommendation
Predictive Content RaccomandationA powerful Artificial Intelligence tool which automatically customizes the experience of every user, across all your channels.
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Magic Site Integration
features_icon_magicsiteA tool for quickly tracking and classifying all your website pages, allowing you to start collecting strategic data on users' interests.
Automatic tracking
features_icon_magicsiteAutomatic tracking of all the interactions between users and content, through Universal Player or via javascript library.

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Success stories

RTL 102.5 has increased its online retention by 620%, adapting its editorial and advertising strategies to the public's interests.


Campagnolo has integrated  Content Intelligence data in its CRM, profiling the interests of over 75% of its contacts, both B2B and B2C.


Confcommercio has centralized its content in order to gather precious data about its target audience from all its channels.


Stevanato manages to know in detail the interests of the users who log in the restricted areas, thanks to centralized distribution and Content Intelligence.