Measure the performance of your content  and discover user interests with Artificial Intelligence 

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With THRON Content Intelligence you can maximize the value of your media files. In fact, Content Intelligence profiles users based on the content they have consulted. It also measures the performance of all the content published on your channels.


THRON Content Intelligence is the solution for


1. Understanding if the content you produce is worth the investment.


2. Knowing the interests of your users.


3. Customizing websites and e-mails.


Content Intelligence features

Content performance analysis


  • Calculate the ROI of your content

    Analyze the performance of content and find out how it influences the user's decisions: purchasing a product, signing up for the newsletter, etc.

  • Content Analytics

    Measure the performance of each piece of content and understand which topics and which formats (image, video, text) your audience appreciates the most.

Analisi delle performance

Enhancement of CRM profiles


  • Customer interests Tag Cloud

    Understand which topics each user is most interested in: keywords are represented graphically, the bigger the user's interest in that topic, the bigger their size. 

  • Sales Insights

    Integrate your CRM data with the interests of the visitors of your channels, both anonymous and profiled ones, and obtain complete information and suggestions on which content and products to offer them.

  • Enhance marketing automation

    Improve your audience segmentation and set communication on the actual interests of each user in real time, increasing their engagement.

Arricchimento dei profili nel CRM

Custom experiences


  • Increased Customer Retention

    Artificial intelligence picks in real time the best content to offer to each user, based on the topics they prefer.

  • Consistent navigation across all channels

    Make user experience consistent and fluid across the various corporate channels (website, blog, e-commerce) by recommending relevant content, even if it is published on a different channel than the one the user is visiting.

Personalizzazione dell’esperienza

Full Autonomous Content Classifier 

Leveraging machine learning algorithms, THRON learns how to tag multimedia files with your Brand's strategic concepts, following its specific taxonomy.

Classify your files and profile the users who consult them, through words that are relevant to your company and its industry.

Discover the automatic classifiers of THRON.

Classificatore di contenuti automatico

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