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Brands that have chosen THRON

This is much more than a list of logos.
These are some of the companies that have chosen to rule assets and products with THRON PLATFORM.

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ACF Fiorentina

A historic club, one of the hottest fans in Italy, a city that has no equal. With two Scudettos, six Italian…

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The sharing of digital assets by the press agency with its journalists is immediate and super effective.

Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense

Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defence has put documents and digital assets in safekeeping thanks to THRON.

Dynamo Camp

At THRON, the non-profit organisation centralises and rule photos, videos and all the assets of its activities.

Marina di Venezia

One of Europe’s most awarded camping villages governs photo shoots and promotional videos with THRON.


Sara’s Brand Protection is ensured through granular management of access rights to any asset.


Agenzia Giornalistica Italiana manages content certification workflows from a single platform.


With THRON ETRA has tidy and responsive folders in which retrieves assets and data on the fly.


CFMT has improved the delivery of online courses by making the Throne the centralised hub for all training content.

Stevanato Group

Asset management up to the level of the Group, distributing assets and analysing content usage data.


MSC’s assets navigate safe routes around the world, adapting automatically according to the publication channel.


The promotion of Trenord services offered on ticket office monitors is always consistent, effective and up-to-date.


Confagricoltura puts its positioning to good use every day by publishing the updated version of the assets.

Radio Maria

Radio Maria governs all media content by distributing them in real time to listeners on its website.


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