Distribute any type of file to the highest performance on every channels

Elastic cloud
With THRON's elastic media delivery you can publish all files directly from the DAM on any platform: websites, e-commerce, applications. Furthermore, strengthening the digital infrastructure, guarantee high performances and reduce integration and maintenance costs.


THRON's Elastic Media Delivery Elastica is the solution for


1. Speed up the publication of media assets on company channels.


2. Break down the times for updating the assets on all the channels where they are published.


3. Always know which is the latest version of the files being processed and avoid publishing old or unapproved versions.


4. Speed up the loading of website pages and guarantee immediate response times throughout the world, including China.


Features of Elastic Media Delivery

Automatic transcoding of multimedia files


Avoid any compatibility problem: you no longer need to prepare different formats of the same file, just upload the highest resolution available. Upon loading, THRON prepares multiple file formats and chooses which one to display depending on the device used by the user and the quality of the connection.

Transcodifica automatica dei file multimediali

Integrated Content Delivery Network


  • One file for all channels

    It is no longer necessary to create different copies of company files. Each one is saved on the DAM in a single copy and distributed on all front-end systems (websites, e-commerce, applications) without having to duplicate them in the various media libraries.

  • Guaranteed speed and performance

    The server network n which THRON rests is distributed all over the world, including China, and uses an advanced file caching system. Requests for a resource are directed to the nearest available node depending on the user's location, so the speed of page loading and content within them is optimized.

Content Delivery Network Integrato

Auto-scaling API


THRON is developed on anelastic architecture that automatically scales to handle any peak load, even bursts. ITraffic is always distributed on free network nodes, so as to always guarantee maximum page loading speed and content rendering.

Auto-scaling API

Universal media player


  • The same player for any content type

    With Universal Player, it is possible to publish and play any type of file without having to rely on additional components: images, audio, video, documents, galleries, 360 ° photos, generic files. The release of new versions and the restoration of the previous ones are managed centrally.

    Thus,all development and maintenance costs resulting from the use of a specific multimedia player for each content format are reduced.

  • Player customization

    Customize the appearance and behavior of the Universal Player through a visual editor or CSS and Javascript code, directly from THRON.

  • Seo-Friendly

    The player exploits the tags and metadata related to the files being played, in order to facilitate the indexing of the files by search enngines.

  • Lazy loading

    To avoid delays, if there are multiple media players on a page, those visible to the user are loaded first.

Riproduttore multimediale universale

Real Time Image Editor


THRON dynamically resizes images to fit the user's screen size and resolution.

You can crop an image in real time, without the need to duplicate it: manually isolate a portion of a specific image, or let the AI identify the main subject. If the crop is modified, theupdate takes place in real-time on all the channels in which the image is distributed.


Automatic product image cropping

Reduce photo preparation time for the e-commerce. The AI recognizes the product inside an image and crops it automatically eliminating the exceeding portion of the background.. In this way, all the previews of e-commerce products are presented in a homogeneous and balanced way.

Editor di immagini automatico e in tempo reale

Dynamic streaming and adaptive quality


  • Always guarantee the best performance

    THRON regulates the quality of the reproduction of multimedia files, minimizes buffering, loading times and makes the contents immediately available for any type of connection and device . In fact, the available bandwidth and CPU capacity are detected in real time.

  • Create highly engaging experiences

    When an image is zoomed, the player instantly increases the level of detail in the visible area to always guarantee the best quality.

Streaming dinamico e qualità adattiva

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