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Release Note: THRON 7.0

What's New

  • Declaring the THRON 7 era open!

    The last few months and years have generated great change.

    In the market, in the world of software and in our clients’ needs.

    Brands are investing more and more in digital technologies, considering them crucial for their objectives.

    After listening to our surroundings and being inspired by our vision, we are sure that, now more than ever, brand digitisation must rest on three pillars.

    • The governance of contents, information and processes.
    • Users’ independence in the management of their activities.
    • The centrality of the experience of any user who interacts with the brand.


    So our objective, today and in the long term, is to create a platform that gives users independence and centralises contents, processes and experiences.

    It is on this basis that we’ve developed and are proud to announce the new release in June of our platform: THRON 7.

    A THRON new generation, inspired by concepts of convergence and centrality of contents, data and workflows.

    And it’s from workflows that the THRON 7 era begins.

    June will see the arrival of THRON WORKFLOW, the new expansion for managing creative processes directly from the platform, in total autonomy.

    It’s the first great milestone along a road that’s going to bring great satisfaction and an unrivalled experience to us and all our clients.

  • Welcome, THRON WORKFLOW!

    THRON WORKFLOW is the new THRON expansion that enables totally new workflow management, because:

    • It features a user-friendly, no-code interface. Total independence and flexibility in the management of approval processes, and the ability to design differentiated and personalised workflows with no need to write code.
    • It guarantees control. Contents are totally secure and confidential, with the capability to monitor the progress of every single activity at any moment and in real time.
    • It provides a centralised experience. Workflows completely integrated within the DAM PLATFORM, to manage assets’ whole lifecycle without ever leaving the platform: upload, update and distribute approved content across all your touchpoints, with a single tool.

Release Notes, April 2022


  • Adobe Creative Cloud connector: creators’ work gets more and more agile

    We’ve released new functions for Adobe Creative Cloud connector, which make creators’ work even more agile.
    How? By expanding the array of activities that can be managed directly from Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator on assets in our DAM PLATFORM without ever having to exit the suite’s tools.

    Find out more in the dedicated product news published on our blog.


Release Notes, March 2022


  • THRON PIM: personalisation of product characteristics and attributes extended

    For our clients that use the THRON PIM expansion we have made it possible to independently personalise the configuration of product characteristics and attributes. In particular:

    • product codes, characteristics and attributes can now also be configured in read-only mode
    • the system of attributes can be set and changed independently from our Tag Center
    • it is possible to modify the formatting of all multilingual metadata associated with products.
  • Cyber security product range expanded

    Our priority is always the security of our clients and their data. For this reason we have expanded our range of monitoring, detection and response (XDR) systems to provide further protection against potential cyber attacks.


Release Notes, February 2022


  • THRON PIM and THRON BRAND PORTAL: the quality and effectiveness of searches within our expansions are further improved

    Finding the contents and products you need withing THRON expansions is constantly becoming easier, faster and more accurate.

    In particular, the THRON PIM search engine can provide even more accurate results thanks to a “partial match” function. The system’s results when given a search key - such as a metadata - include not only products with exactly the same metadata, but also those with metadata that are only partially the same.

    What’s more, we have further extended the set of filters available for precision searches for your contents within the THRON BRAND PORTAL expansion.

  • Our Semantic Search Engine for extracting tabs from speech in audios and videos is now even more accurate

    The THRON Semantic Search Engine is now even smarter.

    We have further improved the reliability with which this AI Search Engine is able to extract tags from audios and videos, especially for contents with high-disturbance background music or noise.

  • Desktop client: security and support for Token Protection increased

    Through a series of applicational upgrades, we have increased the security of the THRON Desktop Client application.

    What’s more, effective from now this application also supports our Token Protection, a THRON function designed to guarantee the utmost security and confidentiality of company contents, also during delivery. Token Protection guarantees secure use of contents published on the final channels and prevents their misuse, by generating a time-limited token necessary to access the content.


  • THRON Magic Site: decommissioning process

    The deprecation of the THRON Magic Site app will start on 8th April 2022. From that date, instances already active will continue to function, but we advise customers to remove any integrations from their channels. Starting from 8th March, it will no longer be possible to create new instances of Magic Site.

    The applications will be definitively decommissioned on 8th May 2022. Any Magic Site instances not yet removed will therefore no longer be usable.

    Our Customer Service will assess the resolution of any enquiries or complaints regarding this function on a case by case basis. For any doubts, please contact our Customer Service by writing to

  • Predictive Content Recommendation – URL content: decommissioning process

    Along with THRON Magic Site, also the ability to recommend URL content from our Predictive Content Recommendation will be deprecated.

    The timing will follow those of THRON Magic Site: the deprecation process will begin on 8th April 2022 and the application will be definetely decommisioned on 8th May 2022.

    Our Customer Service will assess the resolution of any enquiries on a case by case basis.


Release Note, January 2022

What's New

  • THRON Marketplace: mobile device navigation improved

    Browsing our connectors and finding systems for integration with our DAM PLATFORM has never been so easy. In particular, we’ve improved navigation of our marketplace from mobile devices.


  • Image hotspots: even more precise gallery navigation

    We’ve made navigation of image gallery hotspots even smoother and more precise.
    In particular, after viewing content associated to a hotspot, users will be able to close it and go straight back to the image that contains it instead of to the first image in the gallery. This means they can continue gathering information about the details of the image of interest to them by navigating the other hotspots present.

  • Version 2.15.0 of Log4j library: security verification

    On 9 December the Apache Software Foundation released a new version (2.15.0) of the Log4j library. The release was necessary to resolve a vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) encountered during code execution in the previous version of the library (2.0-beta9 through 2.14.1).
    We quickly verified any impacts on our solutions and they were all found to be free from vulnerabilities.



THRON 6.6.0
A brand-new experience for our Tag Center and even more high-performance video content

What's New

An improved user experience and new functions to boost your efficiency and increase the performance of your content.

These are the new features of THRON 6.6.0, our latest release, coming out on 28 November 2021.

  • The new Tag Center: product information matched across all your channels

    To distribute digital content and product information uniformly across all your channels, you need a coherent taxonomy. Our new Tag Center, with its simplified navigation and even clearer interface, makes it easier and quicker to identify which tags to include in your taxonomy and to enrich your content.

    Find out more about our new Tag Center.

    Read the new Tag Center user guide on our Help portal.

  • Leverage your videos for best effect on all channels

    At THRON, we know how important our users’ experience is – and it’s just as important to yours. That’s why we have now implemented faster, higher performance video conversion. This means you can offer the best format and resolution to your users, whatever device, browser or connection they’re on.

    Find out more.