Release Notes

Discover new features, releases and improvements about our platform. 



Release Notes: May 2023 


  • THRON DAM & THRON PIM: content-product association is even faster

    We have increased the usability and evolved the drop-down menu interface that appears when you associate contents with the product data it represents.

    Thus, when you start typing the name or code of a product from now on up to 25 suggestions will appear. In a word: speed.




  • THRON DAM: content hotspots are a sea to navigate

    There are two nice new features concerning hotspots, the feature with which you make your contents even more interactive and engaging.

    As of this release, surfing through all the hotspots of an asset is even more immediate: just select one and you can scroll through them all on the fly, one after the other.

    Moreover, in addition to the name, each can be accompanied by a descriptive text. The length is up to you and your desire for synthesis.

    In both cases, the user experience gains, who will be able to browse the contents of your web pages in an even more agile, dynamic and complete way.




  • THRON DAM: Player 5 (for embed code) officially retires

    Goodbyes hurt. But not all of them.

    From this release, when you create an embed code you will no longer be able to use Player 5.

    You have probably been preferring THRON Customer Experience, which is far more powerful on all fronts: user experience, level of customisation and performance.

    If you haven't already done so... well, it's time to do so, because after a distinguished career, it's time for Player 5 to say goodbye. So we are sure that you will no longer risk giving up even a few grains of efficiency.

    Ps: don't worry about the embed codes you have already created using Player 5: they will continue to work as usual in the correct way.


  • THRON DAM: .dwg and .3ds files are now also loaded correctly by Destkop Client

    Until a few hours ago, it could happen that files with the extension .dwg or .3ds and uploaded to the platform via Desktop Client were not recognised correctly.

    Now it will never happen again.


Release Notes: April 2023


  • THRON DAM: enabled the use of HTTP/3 protocol during asset delivery

    HTTP/3, the third and most recent version of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol used for exchanging information on the Web, is the third and most recent version of the HTTP protocol, which enables reduced latency times for each web request.

    With this release note we have enabled the HTTP3 protocol in our THRON DAM PLATFORM, THRON WORKFLOW, THRON PIM and THRON PHOTOSHOOTING solutions.

    Concretely? Whenever THRON distributes an asset on your channels, it will do so even faster than before, especially on mobile networks and in the case of large geographical distances between the user and the distribution network node.

    Note: HTTP/3 is used by all modern mobile browsers but is currently disabled on Safari (iOS devices). Safari users, therefore, will not benefit from the above-mentioned delivery improvements until Apple enables the protocol on its browser as well.

  • THRON DAM: downloading from share pages has been turbocharged

    In this release, all the performance improvements in library downloads that we talked about in the previous release have been extended to share pages as well.

    In summary? Downloading assets from share pages is even faster.

    If the China Delivery feature is activated, the improved download performance also affects users connecting to the platform from China.

  • THRON DAM: improving the UX (desktop and mobile) of share pages

    In addition to the performance improvement described a few lines ago, the share pages were also the protagonist of an enhancement of the user experience.

    In particular, we intervened on several fronts with the aim of increasing usability, both in terms of desktop and mobile use.

    Try it to believe it!




  • THRON PIM: simplified permission management and increased agility for data export

    There are already too many things we have to keep in mind on a daily basis, which is why we consider it essential to make life easier for our users.

    It is with this in mind that we have made changes to the rights management required to export product data from THRON PIM.

    In particular, from this release you no longer have to worry about assigning users who wish to export product information write permissions to the library as was the case in the past. All this without having to give up the certainty that only those you want can access and download the information.

    Thus, even stakeholders outside the organisation - such as dealers - can easily download product data.

    In addition to simplifying processes and the day-to-day life of users and system admins, this simplification has made the export of products even faster than before.

    Beautiful, isn't it?

  • THRON CONNECTORS: WordPress connector supports PHP 8

    Could we make you forego the benefits of the new PHP version supported by WordPress (version 8) when using our connector? The answer is obvious: no :)

    In other words, THRON’s WordPress connector now also supports PHP 8.


Release Notes: March 2023


  • THRON DAM: halved waiting time to download

    Times are changing all the time, but the professional goal that we all continue to have is always the same; and it is also very simple: to get things done in less time.

    That is why with this release we have intervened on the compression time of content.

    From now on, it will take you up to 50 per cent less time to download your assets.

    Get ready to make your operation eat dust.

  • THRON DAM: source downloads from shared playlist introduced

    Nice the shared playlists but what if I need to download a source on the fly?

    Until yesterday, the only way to download the sources of a playlist's content was to share each piece of content in a timely manner. Things, however, have changed.

    As of this release, in fact, any user – with share rights - will be able to download all the sources of a playlist's content without sharing the assets within it one by one.

    In other words? We minimise clicks between you and your content.


    Downloads source from shared playlist


  • THRON PIM: increased the number of searchable product codes to 500

    Our joint content-product vision continues, undeterred, to drive us in the development of each platform evolution.

    That's why, after expanding to 500 the number of product codes that can be used to search for assets in THRON DAM last month, we have now done the same in THRON PIM.

    From now on, in fact, up to 500 product codes (such as SKUs or EANs) can also be used simultaneously for searches in THRON PIM.

    Searches, even complex ones, now become hyper-fast!

    In addition, we have also improved the user experience of the THRON PIM search interface.


    Search up to 500 product codes in PIM


  • THRON DAM & THRON WORKFLOW: improved GUI for background action completion status

    Completed, in progress or in error?

    We have improved the GUI concerning the completion status of single or massive actions performed in the background in THRON DAM and THRON WORKFLOW.

    In particular, in case of unsuccessful uploads the tab will turn red making it even more intuitive to understand the actual upload status of your assets.

    For more conscious asset management. In all respects :)


    Background action status



  • Transport Layer Security 1.0 and 1.1 will no longer be used from 20 June 2023

    In response to evolving technology and regulatory standards for Transport Layer Security (TLS), the TLS configuration for all endpoints of the THRON Services API will be upgraded to a minimum of TLS version 1.2 on 20 June 2023.

    Following this update, it will no longer be possible to use TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1 in calls to all THRON APIs.

    Modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge have already abandoned the use of these certificates for quite some time, just as the leading cloud providers (e.g. AWS, Azure, GCP) are discontinuing their support.

    Some integration applications with THRON developed in-house by some customers or their system integrators (e.g. in Java or PHP) may still use these obsolete certificates.

    In order to facilitate the identification of any applications still making calls with TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1, our Customer Service team has analysed the calls made in recent months to our endpoints, reporting and supporting the contact persons of the affected organisations on a case-by-case basis.

    If you recognise yourself in this situation and your company has not been contacted, or if you simply want more information, please contact our Customer Service at


    Release Notes: February 2023

    What's New


    • THRON DAM PLATFORM: search up to 500 SKUs (product aliases) simultaneously

      Get ready to break current platform search speed records.

      Why? We have introduced the ability to filter up to 500 SKUs (product alieases) at the same time.


      Search up to 500 SKUs


      From this release, therefore, you can use long lists of SKU codes to filter the content you need and perform massive actions on the fly, such as download.

    • THRON PIM: Conditional Rules loading time reduced

      Agility matters. For the hearth of your digital ecosystem, let’s even say fundamental.

      That is why we have slashed the time it takes to load THRON PIM’s conditional rules.

      In particular, we have significantly reduced the time it takes to complete the loading of the conditional rules detail.

      Go, fast. Your eperience can buckle down.


    • THRON WORKFLOW: bye-truncated words in comments

      You should also please the eye. That’s what they say, isn’t it?
      As of this release, the words of each comment in THRON WORKFLOW will end correctly, without the truncations previously generated by a somewath annoying bug.


      Bye-truncated words in comments in WORKFLOW


      Punto e capo.

    • THRON WORKFLOW: no-code interface oiled up

      We have oiled the editor the allows the construction of THRON WORKFLOW Jobs.
      Creation, movement and interaction between Transitions are smoother.

    • THRON PHOTOSHOOTING: uploading and approving shots is more… snappy

      From this release, the approval time for each shot has been greatly reduced.

      In addition, we have decoupled the time it takes to create and upload content from the time it takes to convert it, so that you can navigate the interface far and wide while the system processes.


    Release Notes: January 2023


    • THRON DAM PLATFORM: massive and unlimited downloading of assets from platform

      With this release, massive and unlimited downloading of assets into THRON DAM PLATFORM has been introduced.

      More specifically, you can download:

      • all assets in the "My content" folder

      • all assets in any folder or sub-folder

      • all assets that appear as a result of a search performed and/or the application of one or more filters, regardless of the type of search performed or filters applied.


      Once the download has started, the system will compress the contents and then download them through one or more .zip files, depending on the total size.

      The possibility of unlimited downloads makes the platform even more scalable and performant, increasing the productivity and efficiency of users who need to download assets locally from the Throne.


      • THRON PIM: extension of the export of up to 1,000 products to .CSV and .XLSX

        New year, joint vision on content and products as always. In addition to expanding the number of downloadable contents, we also intervened on the product front.

        We have introduced the possibility of exporting up to 1,000 products in THRON PIM to .CSV and .XLSX. The export can be started after setting up some filters on the fly or by calling up one or more of the previously saved filters.

        Export fino a 1000 prodotti dal PIM

        With this update, THRON PIM users can export a large number of products quickly by simply specifying one or more attributes.


    • THRON UNIVERSAL PLAYER: improved accessibility for blind and visually impaired people

      We are very sensitive to DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) issues: this is also why the development of our platform has always been oriented towards maximising accessibility.

      For this reason, in order to avoid possible negative impacts on the web experience of users with disabilities, we have taken steps to improve the accessibility of the platform.

      In particular, in the case of several players incorporated in the same page, it could happen that two or more of them were characterised by the same identification number ('ID') and this compromised the work of automatic readers for the blind and visually impaired, who were therefore no longer able to correctly distinguish the various sections of the web page.

      With this release, we have resolved this issue, eliminating the IDs that could generate criticality.

      This intervention is the first of a series of improvements that will be made to the entire platform and expansions, in order to make the entire solution more and more inclusive for all people within the organisation, as well as for external ones such as partners, customers and stakeholders, also in line with the provisions of the European Accessibility Act, which will come into force in 2025.



    Release Notes: December 2022


    • THRON WORKFLOW: mass download of content on an asset page

      With this month’s release we have introduced the ability to perform mass downloads of assets located in a specific THRON WORKFLOW Job or Stage.

      Each user taking part in a collaborative flow can thus be more agile and efficient in downloading more content instantly.


      Mass download of content in THRON WORKFLOW


    Release Notes: November 2022

    What's New

    • New THRON BRAND PORTAL released!

      Conveying assets from DAM is now even easier, more intuitive and more effective.

      The new THRON BRAND PORTAL is now available!

      The solution, distributed by THRON and developed by, a leader Content Experience Platform provider, allows digital assets from THRON DAM PLATFORM to be shared with partners and stakeholders in an agile and effective way.

      To find out how to create a customised brand portal yourself click here.

    • Platform authentication via OpenID protocol

      With this month's release of THRON, it is now possible to access THRON DAM PLATFORM and THRON WORKFLOW via the OpenID authentication protocol, offered by providers such as OKTA and Google Suite.

      From now on, our users can therefore authenticate themselves on the platform via any Single-Sign-On system on the market that supports the open-source OpenID standard.

      In the coming weeks, authentication via the OpenID protocol will also be extended to THRON PIM and the Adobe CC connector.




    • THRON PIM - Product export: saving product attributes for later export

      We have introduced auto-saving of selected attributes for data export to CSV or XLSX.
      In particular, the list of attributes and characteristics of the last export carried out is automatically saved by the expansion and proposed again at the next export.

      This enhancement aims to reduce manual work and repetitive tasks for THRON PIM users, so that the product data export process is even faster and more efficient.

    • THRON PIM - Product export: alphabetical sorting of attributes for export to CSV or XLSX

      To make the process of exporting product information even simpler and more straightforward for THRON users, the list of attributes for export is now sorted alphabetically.

      This makes locating and selecting attributes for exporting information to CSV or XLSX even quicker, more agile and smoother.

    • THRON WORKFLOW: simplified Job saving

      It is now possible to save a job even during the first step of its configuration.

      In particular, once the basic information of a job has been set and the team members who will be working on it have been configured, it is possible to suspend the configuration of the job and resume it at a later time, simply by clicking Save.

      In addition, should the user inadvertently close the configuration window, an alert message will appear warning him to save the configuration work already done so as not to lose it.

      This is an improvement that makes the THRON WORKFLOW interface even more intuitive and the job configuration activity more immediate and agile, also avoiding the risk of losing work already done and therefore wasting time.


      Risposta a commento specifico in THRON WORKFLOW



    • THRON WORKFLOW: maximising the usable space for Job creation

      We have improved the user experience of creating a job in THRON WORKFLOW.

      In particular, during the configuration of the workflow in full screen mode, it is now possible to use all the available space offered by the window to add, move and edit the digital flow.

    • THRON UNIVERSAL PLAYER: possibility to configure the launch of distributed content on iOS device browsers

      Following recent updates of the Safari and Google Chrome browsers on iOS devices, the audio of advertising media content distributed via THRON Universal Player started automatically and was then blocked by the browsers.

      From the current release, THRON users can configure the audio playback to start only after the user clicks the play button, without any blocking by the browsers on iOS.

    • THRON PHOTOSHOOTING: bulk loading of products is more efficient, single-view job management faster

      With the current release, we have made a twofold improvement to the user experience in managing orders in THRON PHOTOSHOOTING.

      In particular, we have resolved a bug that made the massive import of products to be shot during job creation incomplete. In addition, the time required to create and manage jobs with a single view has been minimised.


    Release Notes: October 2022

    What's New

    • THRON PIM: export of product information and associated assets to CSV and XLSX is fully autonomous

      In THRON PIM soon you will able to select and export information, attributes and characteristics of your products in CSV and XLSX format, together with all associated assets, completely autonomously.

      Users will be able to select, directly from the THRON PIM interface, the products in their catalogue and the associated information to be exported, in one or more available languages.

      With this new feature, THRON PIM will allow users to be autonomous in the extraction of assets and information, which can then be easily exported within third-party tools such as marketplaces. Exported data will be always accessible offline for consultation.


    • THRON WORKFLOW: response to comments introduced

      THRON WORKFLOW now offers the chance to reply to a comment left by another user.

      Thanks to this feature, it is possible to start conversations and make more fluid and effective the collaboration and the exchange of feedback on a specific asset, even among several people in the team.


      Response to comments introduced


    • THRON PHOTOSHOOTING: possibility to delete jobs for system Admins

      THRON PHOTOSHOOTING administrator users now have the option of deleting jobs directly from the platform.

      When an old or inactive job is deleted, the system disassociates from the job all products – and consequently the related assets – that it contained.

      The introduction of this feature gives our customers additional autonomy in organising their product shootings, even in the final stages of order management.


    • Enhanced Job configuration UX in THRON WORKFLOW

      The interface dedicated to the creation and configuration of a new workflow (Job) has been improved.

      The main new features include:

      • immediate notification of any errors when configuring Stage and Transition, on the right-hand side of the screen
      • introduction of a popup warning of errors or confirmation of completion of an action when saving a Job
      • possibility of fitlering assets according to the stage they are in.


      All the updates listed were aimed at enhancing the UX and making more intuitive THRON WORKFLOW and, in particular, the creation of a Job.


    Release Notes: September 2022

    What's New

    • THRON WORKFLOW: increased comment accuracy for even more agile and fluid collaboration

      We have introduced a new feature within THRON WORKFLOW that allows users to specify the precise point on the image to which a comment refers. In this way, users can exchange feedback on the asset much more precisely, making approval processes more effective and efficient.  

    Commento su punto specifico in THRON WORKFLOW

    • THRON WORKFLOW: confirmation popup for content deletion

      From now on, when a user deletes content in THRON WORKFLOW, the system will request additional confirmation via a dedicated popup. This reduces the risk of users deleting content by mistake.

    • THRON DAM PLATFORM: faster and more efficient automatic audio conversions

      As we have already done for images and videos, we have improved the conversions of "audio" content and expanded the input audio content formats. In particular, the conversion process for this type of content has been made faster, more performant and more reliable.

      Thanks to this new feature, the distribution to the final channels of audio-type assets always occurs at the highest quality, regardless of the device, browser or connection in use.


    • THRON PIM: improved performance of conditional rules

      The time required to update conditional rules has been drastically reduced. Thanks to the update, users are even more productive and can count on a higher quality experience.

    • THRON WORKFLOW: full-screen view of content available 

      The content detail window within a THRON WORKFLOW Job is now viewable in full-screen mode. 

      Finestra del contenuto full screen in THRON WORKFlow


      With the update, users can rely on a better user experience to view and enrich assets. In full-screen mode, it also avoids any loss of the enrichment activities already done that can occur by clicking outside the processing area.


    Release Notes: August 2022

    What's New

    • THRON WORKFLOW: enhanced user experience and collaboration through quick view of new feedback and asset conversion status

      Two new features enhance THRON WORKFLOW productivity and agility.

      In particular, with this update, directly from the Job of interest each user can:

      • See from the list of assets in a Job which have received new comments or votes from other team members since the last access, without the need to access each single asset
      • Visualise on the fly and monitor the conversion status of uploaded or updated assets, so as to immediately check for errors and know when a piece of content is ready to move to the next stage of the flow.


        Notification in THRON WORKFLOW



      In parallel, the evolution of some of THRON WORKFLOW's graphic elements has begun in order to align them with THRON's new design guidelines. Their purpose is to help put our users more and more at the centre, offering them a simple and consistent interface in which they can easily find their way around and which guarantees them a pleasant, fluid and quality navigation experience.

      All in all, the above-mentioned innovations and updates have the twofold aim of improving the user experience and making the solution more comprehensive, in order to improve the efficiency of each team's processes and daily work.

    • THRON PHOTOSHOOTING: increase productivity of photographers and post-producers with visibility of shot status and the chance of using it as a filter for downloads

      Two new updates elevate the productivity capabilities. From now on, THRON PHOTOSHOOTING users can:

      • see all the shots on a shooting list, for each product, and their status. Each status is characterised by a colour: in this way, at a glance, photographers and post-producers have a clear idea of which shots need to be edited or still to be produced
      • download shots from a shooting list by filtering them according to a specific processing status, thus allowing post-producers to focus on the shots to be processed and avoiding unnecessary downloads.


      These new features aim to make the work of the teams involved in the creation and post-production of product shots more agile and efficient.


    • We fixed a bug that did not allow to close the editing page of THRON Universal Player within the Content Experience Manager section in THRON DAM PLATFORM.

    • We fixed a bug concerning the editing of hotspots within image galleries, which did not allow the correct display of images size linked to the hospots in case it was necessary to move one of them from one image to another in the playlist.


    Release Notes: July 2022

    What's New

    • THRON 7 and THRON WORKFLOW: new generation of THRON released

      In recent weeks, we released THRON 7, the next generation of our platform, in the name of governance, autonomy and user experience.

      Alongside this, we also launched the first milestone of the platform's new generation: THRON WORKFLOW the solution for creating and managing no-code content approval flows.

      Already a THRON customer? Get a free trial of THRON WORKFLOW from your Sales Account by clicking here.


    • THRON WORKFLOW: chance to remove comments when moving to a new Job

      During the Transition configuration, it is possible to choose to automatically remove asset-related comments when moving from one stage of the current Job to another Job.

      As a result of this update:

      • users have more flexibility in defining collaborative flows
      • it is possible to guarantee maximum confidentiality of assets in approval flows, especially in cases in which external partners are involved in different stages of collaborative flows.
    • THRON WORKFLOW: optimisation of Stage configuration

      We made the Stage configuration quicker, clearer and smoother. We removed some information relating to individual Stage, in particular start date, end date and guidelines.

      In order to provide clear and precise guidelines to all people involved in the workflow, all this information continues to be configurable when creating the Job.

    • THRON DAM PLATFORM: Current actions window disappears when they are completed

      As of now, the actions toaster, the window that allows users to monitor the progress of background actions in THRON DAM PLATFORM (such as loading or deleting assets) introduced with the release of THRON 7, automatically disappears after each action has been successfully completed.

      With this update we want to ensure an even better user experience for our customers through a responsive and tidy interface.

    • Adobe Creative Cloud connector: Adobe InDesign support

      We have updated our Adobe Creative Cloud connector, adding support for Adobe InDesign to our existing software.

      In particular, with the new release of the connector, designers and creatives can now access and use content in the DAM Library directly from Adobe InDesign.

      In this way, our customers will have a library of approved and up-to-date content for their InDesign projects and will be able to work even more efficiently, without ever leaving the platform or leaving the creative suite.

    • WordPress Connector: improved UX and enhanced supported THRON delivery features

      We have updated our WordPress Connector with a twofold goal:

      • improve user experience of marketers using the connectors.
      • increase the number of THRON Real Time Image Editor delivery features supported by the connector.


      Find out more in the product news published on our blog.


    • UX configuration of conditional rules

      We have improved the User Experience related to the configuration of conditional rules.

      In particular, we have made the definition of rules clearer by adding an information section describing how the rule is composed and describing the conditions and actions defined.

      An example of application is that relating to multi-language attributes.


    • RTIE: manual setting of focus area from THRON DAM PLATFORM interface

      The Real Time Image Editor - the tool that enables the images optimization for web channels directly at the delivery stage – includes among its features the smart photo cropping with the capability to choose in which area of the image to keep the focus once published.

      In particular, it is possible to choose the focus area according to the image size, the product in the shot or make the choice automatic.

      From now on, editors will be able to set manually the focus area for each images directly from THRON DAM PLATFORM, completely indipendently.

      It will be enough enter the edit area of an image, move and resize the focus area that the system suggests by default by extending or reducing vertices or specify puntually the vertical and horizontal coordinates from the dedicated “Focus Area” section on the sidebar.

      Thanks to this new option, editors will be able to:

      • rely on more autonomy, being able the focus area of each image directly from the THRON interface
      • make their work more efficient because they only have to select the focus area once for each image. THRON will report the chosen focus on all digital channels in which the photo is published.


      Find out more on this article.

    • Docker App Dashboard: removal from Platform Menu

      Coinciding with the introduction of the new unified THRON 7 menu, we have removed the Docker App Dashboard that displayed downloaded and active apps and connectors in the main THRON DAM PLATFORM dashboard.

      Connectors, integrations and extensions remain activated and configurable from the "Apps and Connectors" section within the Administrator Area.

      A further update to make our users' browsing experience even more agile and effective.

    • Application for sharing on social networks: decommissioning process

      On 1st September 2022, the deprecation process of the social share application will begin.

      On 1st October 2022, the application will be permanently discontinued. Any shares created through this application will no longer be visible within your social channels.

      The algorithms of social platforms, guarantee much higher levels of reach (number of people reached) to assets uploaded directly within individual platforms than to external link sharing.

      Given these dynamics, in order to favour high performance of social strategies, we advise our clients to upload assets directly to social, always relying on THRON DAM PLATFORM as a single source of truth for the management of each piece of content.

      For any doubts, please contact our Customer Service by writing to

    Release Notes: THRON 7.0

    What's New

    • Declaring the THRON 7 era open!

      The last few months and years have generated great change.

      In the market, in the world of software and in our clients’ needs.

      Brands are investing more and more in digital technologies, considering them crucial for their objectives.

      After listening to our surroundings and being inspired by our vision, we are sure that, now more than ever, brand digitisation must rest on three pillars.

      • The governance of contents, information and processes.
      • Users’ independence in the management of their activities.
      • The centrality of the experience of any user who interacts with the brand.


      So our objective, today and in the long term, is to create a platform that gives users independence and centralises contents, processes and experiences.

      It is on this basis that we’ve developed and are proud to announce the new release in June of our platform: THRON 7.

      A THRON new generation, inspired by concepts of convergence and centrality of contents, data and workflows.

      And it’s from workflows that the THRON 7 era begins.

      June will see the arrival of THRON WORKFLOW, the new expansion for managing creative processes directly from the platform, in total autonomy.

      It’s the first great milestone along a road that’s going to bring great satisfaction and an unrivalled experience to us and all our clients.

    • Welcome, THRON WORKFLOW!

      THRON WORKFLOW is the new THRON expansion that enables totally new workflow management, because:

      • It features a user-friendly, no-code interface. Total independence and flexibility in the management of approval processes, and the ability to design differentiated and personalised workflows with no need to write code.
      • It guarantees control. Contents are totally secure and confidential, with the capability to monitor the progress of every single activity at any moment and in real time.
      • It provides a centralised experience. Workflows completely integrated within the DAM PLATFORM, to manage assets’ whole lifecycle without ever leaving the platform: upload, update and distribute approved content across all your touchpoints, with a single tool.

    Release Notes: May 2022


    • Adobe Creative Cloud connector: creators’ work gets more and more agile

      We’ve released new functions for Adobe Creative Cloud connector, which make creators’ work even more agile.
      How? By expanding the array of activities that can be managed directly from Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator on assets in our DAM PLATFORM without ever having to exit the suite’s tools.

      Find out more in the dedicated product news published on our blog.


    Release Notes: April 2022


    • THRON PIM: personalisation of product characteristics and attributes extended

      For our clients that use the THRON PIM expansion we have made it possible to independently personalise the configuration of product characteristics and attributes. In particular:

      • product codes, characteristics and attributes can now also be configured in read-only mode
      • the system of attributes can be set and changed independently from our Tag Center
      • it is possible to modify the formatting of all multilingual metadata associated with products.
    • Cyber security product range expanded

      Our priority is always the security of our clients and their data. For this reason we have expanded our range of monitoring, detection and response (XDR) systems to provide further protection against potential cyber attacks.


    Release Notes: March 2022


    • THRON PIM and THRON BRAND PORTAL: the quality and effectiveness of searches within our expansions are further improved

      Finding the contents and products you need withing THRON expansions is constantly becoming easier, faster and more accurate.

      In particular, the THRON PIM search engine can provide even more accurate results thanks to a “partial match” function. The system’s results when given a search key - such as a metadata - include not only products with exactly the same metadata, but also those with metadata that are only partially the same.

      What’s more, we have further extended the set of filters available for precision searches for your contents within the THRON BRAND PORTAL expansion.

    • Our Semantic Search Engine for extracting tabs from speech in audios and videos is now even more accurate

      The THRON Semantic Search Engine is now even smarter.

      We have further improved the reliability with which this AI Search Engine is able to extract tags from audios and videos, especially for contents with high-disturbance background music or noise.

    • Desktop client: security and support for Token Protection increased

      Through a series of applicational upgrades, we have increased the security of the THRON Desktop Client application.

      What’s more, effective from now this application also supports our Token Protection, a THRON function designed to guarantee the utmost security and confidentiality of company contents, also during delivery. Token Protection guarantees secure use of contents published on the final channels and prevents their misuse, by generating a time-limited token necessary to access the content.


    • THRON Magic Site: decommissioning process

      The deprecation of the THRON Magic Site app will start on 8th April 2022. From that date, instances already active will continue to function, but we advise customers to remove any integrations from their channels. Starting from 8th March, it will no longer be possible to create new instances of Magic Site.

      The applications will be definitively decommissioned on 8th May 2022. Any Magic Site instances not yet removed will therefore no longer be usable.

      Our Customer Service will assess the resolution of any enquiries or complaints regarding this function on a case by case basis. For any doubts, please contact our Customer Service by writing to

    • Predictive Content Recommendation – URL content: decommissioning process

      Along with THRON Magic Site, also the ability to recommend URL content from our Predictive Content Recommendation will be deprecated.

      The timing will follow those of THRON Magic Site: the deprecation process will begin on 8th April 2022 and the application will be definetely decommisioned on 8th May 2022.

      Our Customer Service will assess the resolution of any enquiries on a case by case basis.


    Release Notes: February 2022

    What's New

    • THRON Marketplace: mobile device navigation improved

      Browsing our connectors and finding systems for integration with our DAM PLATFORM has never been so easy. In particular, we’ve improved navigation of our marketplace from mobile devices.


    • Image hotspots: even more precise gallery navigation

      We’ve made navigation of image gallery hotspots even smoother and more precise.
      In particular, after viewing content associated to a hotspot, users will be able to close it and go straight back to the image that contains it instead of to the first image in the gallery. This means they can continue gathering information about the details of the image of interest to them by navigating the other hotspots present.

    • Version 2.15.0 of Log4j library: security verification

      On 9 December the Apache Software Foundation released a new version (2.15.0) of the Log4j library. The release was necessary to resolve a vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) encountered during code execution in the previous version of the library (2.0-beta9 through 2.14.1).
      We quickly verified any impacts on our solutions and they were all found to be free from vulnerabilities.



    THRON 6.6.0
    A brand-new experience for our Tag Center and even more high-performance video content

    What's New

    An improved user experience and new functions to boost your efficiency and increase the performance of your content.

    These are the new features of THRON 6.6.0, our latest release, coming out on 28 November 2021.

    • The new Tag Center: product information matched across all your channels

      To distribute digital content and product information uniformly across all your channels, you need a coherent taxonomy. Our new Tag Center, with its simplified navigation and even clearer interface, makes it easier and quicker to identify which tags to include in your taxonomy and to enrich your content.

      Find out more about our new Tag Center.

      Read the new Tag Center user guide on our Help portal.

    • Leverage your videos for best effect on all channels

      At THRON, we know how important our users’ experience is – and it’s just as important to yours. That’s why we have now implemented faster, higher performance video conversion. This means you can offer the best format and resolution to your users, whatever device, browser or connection they’re on.

      Find out more.