Facilitate the management of all product information 

Smart PIM
With Smart PIM, all product information, both marketing and technical, is centralized and integrated into a single tool. You can quickly retrieve them for re-use in your channels, such as e-commerce pages, or in online and paper catalogs.


THRON Smart PIM is the solution for

unico software

1. Collecting product information and content in one software.


2. Immediately finding all the information and resources related to the same product.


3. Automating the creation of e-commerce product sheets and catalogs.


Features of Smart PIM

Enrichment of files with product information


The multimedia files associated with the products and stored in the Intelligent DAM are classified with the technical information of the products they represent, such as the identification code or the product category: they can thus easily retrieved.

Since products and multimedia content shares the same taxonomy, you can also customize the shopping experience based on the interests of each user.

Arricchimento dei file di prodotto

Multilingual information management

Enter product descriptions and technical information in all languages. The tags corresponding to the technical information present in the Intelligent DAM are not duplicated but can be displayed in different languages. Thus the classification of the product's multimedia assets is unique and the data that is collected is consistent.


Aggregate all information in one place


Easily uniform information in Smart PIM with information from other systems, such as ERP or PLM.

By integrating Smart PIM with third-party systems, thanks to the APIs exposed by THRON, you can automate product enrichment with all the various types of data in Smart PIM; assets, instead, come directly from the Intelligent DAM. This helps to create a complete product experience on all your channels.


Product catalog creation


Create a list of all your brand products. Filter them using specific information such as the product code, the product category or a technical feature. Share your products with collaborators and suppliers or export all the material to quickly create digital or paper catalogs.

Catalogo di prodotti

Fast and complete product sheets


Speed up the creation and updating of product data sheets, gathering in one place the marketing descriptions in multiple languages, the technical features, and the related multimedia assets. Thanks to the APIs exposed by THRON you immediately recover all this information to simplify integration with the e-commerce.

Schede di prodotto

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