DAM: Digital Asset Management

Make your company’s content management activities quicker and easier

Have you ever thought about how much time

you could save by entrusting the management of your work to an

innovative and intelligent Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

First of all: What is a DAM System?


Content (photos, documents, videos, audio files), defined in jargon as assets, represents “resources”.

A Digital Asset Management system allows you to organize, label and find archived assets quickly.

Therefore, from a DAM software, it should be expected that preserving, sharing, managing and distributing this content is possible, making it easy to reach.

Imagine a cloud archive, without any physical limits, that is flexible and tailor-made for your company: a digital “warehouse” that is able to reduce your library management time to guarantee quick access to the content you need, when you need it.

It is an intuitive and intelligent archive that allows you to accurately catalog all the documentation and content that you work with on a daily basis.

There are various advantages to managing your assets through a DAM software.

The Advantages of Management via DAM:

Immediacy of use


Choosing to use Digital Asset Management means working with a centralized system, based on the sharing of company resources.

This means having documents and files that are constantly updated and never duplicated.

Identity Management

Ease of integration


It is not just an archive, but a flexible tool that integrates with the technologies you are already using and helps you to distribute your assets within apps and the most varied web solutions.

Whether you want to manage the resources of an e-commerce store, an important public institution, or an online newspaper, organizing your resources in the DAM system allows you to perform your business operations centrally, safely, and simply.

Security and data protection


The Intelligent DAM automatically classifies images, documents, audio files and videos, and makes them unique and unequivocally identifiable.

It keeps track of who uploads, consults, downloads and shares content, and allows for roles and permissions to be assigned to different users.

In this way, you can protect company content and secure your work-related assets and resources.

The Importance of Content Management


In a market that is now dematerialized and entirely digital, content represents the means by which brands establish relationships with their customers.

It is just as important in improving sales and marketing performances. Therefore, it is essential to know how to create and manage such important assets.

This is where THRON’s artificial intelligence comes into play. Through its Semantic Engine, it is able to automate the role of classifying photos, products, videos, and much more.

AI checks content and recognizes the nature of assets, cataloging them in a rational manner on the basis of their characteristics and the subject matters they deal with.

Furthermore, the tags with which the Semantic Engine labels the various pieces of content make it easier to search for, consult and retrieve resources.

Behavior Analysis of your users


The Behavior Engine represents the other side of THRON’s AI for the analysis of user behavior on your channels.

How do they interact with content?

How interested do they seem to be in a product?
Do they read articles to the end?

By observing a person’s interaction with a specific asset, artificial intelligence is able to improve both the classification of the content and the profiling of the user.

In this way, the correspondence between the person and the content they are proposed will become increasingly precise.

You will manage to offer your customers a completely personalized experience.

Implementing a Digital Asset Management system means providing your company with a powerful organizational tool that is capable of optimally rationalizing working times, helping you to manage all kinds of content, and revolutionizing your approach to marketing with an intelligent system.

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