Centralize, classify and organize all your files

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THRON's Digital Asset Management is a library where you can archive any type of file, always keeping control. Simplify the approval workflows and, thanks to its classification system, you can easily retrieve any content..


THRON Intelligent DAM is the solution for


1. Centralizing all company files on a single platform.


2. Managing access and edit rights on files and folders.


3. Instantly retrieving the files you need.


4. Making team workflows more efficient and faster.


Features of Intelligent DAM

Management of all types of media files


Centralize and manage any type of file directly from the DAM: images, video, audio, documents, text, gallery, 360 ° images. Each file exists on the DAM in a single copy: this allows you to eliminate all duplications.

Home gestione contenuti

Automatic tagging thanks to AI engines


Artificial intelligence automatically classifies all the files you upload to THRON, taking advantage of image recognition, speech-to-text, semantic analysis and machine learning. This allows you to quickly find each content by tag search, even if you don't know the file's title.


Intelligent search engine


Immediately find any type of content related to the keyword used, thanks to the automatic classification of content made by artificial intelligence.

The search engine guarantees immediate response times even with millions of files. The search takes place in the title, in the description, but also within the files (in the texts, in the audio, in the videos, in the images, between the tags).

Thanks to intelligent autocompletion THRON immediately suggests the best results corresponding to the keywords being used; any typing errors are also automatically corrected.

Motore di ricerca intelligente

Strategic content enrichment


Each file uploaded to the DAM can be manually enriched with title and description, but also with tags and metadata. This is useful not only for searching for files, but also for profiling users who view content published on front end channels.

In fact, you can tag the content following a taxonomy created ad hoc for your brand, which contains keywords related to the topics of the content you produce, the classification of your products and their characteristics.

Thanks to multilingual functionality, the tags will be automatically translated into all available languages.

Arricchimento dei contenuti tramite tag

Dynamic taxonomy


If the taxonomy you have created for your brand changes, because some tags are added, removed or merged, this change will be retroactive on all content already tagged. Thus the search will always be effective and you will not lose the data already collected on users, which will be updated in real time.

tassonomia dinamica

Collaboration between users


Share files with all your collaborators, always keeping control. Create conversations with the team to speed up the approval workflow and receive real-time notifications of everything that happens to your files. If you are out of the office you can use the THRON mobile app available for Android and iOS.


Workflow and event management


Manage the entire lifecycle of your content,, from its creation to its publication, involving only interested users. You always have immediate visibility on the status of the content and their publication. You can leave comments directly on a file to collaborate faster with colleagues.

Thanks to event management, you can automate all content-related activities such as publishing. For example, you can define an embargo period, after which the content is automatically published.

Gestione dei workflow e degli eventi

User management, rights, and roles


Assigns each user or group the rights to view, modify, upload and publish content. Choose whether and to whom the download of content is available. Safely exchange content with your colleagues, partners, dealers, and other collaborators through reserved areas in which to show only the folders useful for the specific target's objectives.

Gestione degli utenti

Monitoring of all activities

Through theSystem Audit, any activity performed on the platform is monitored and is always available for consultation. You can ffilter the actions by date, user or application, content and type and also view the device from which it was executed, the IP address used and the details of the changes made.


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