Easily create, manage and export your product catalog



Centralize all the product information present in your ERP, PLM, Excel sheets.

Enrich product sheets with images and other content.

Automatically publish them on the e-commerce and marketplaces.

Layout your print catalogs automatically.

THRON Intelligent PIM


THRON Intelligent PIM is the solution for


unico software


1. Manage product information and digital assets on the same software solution, cutting down integration costs.



joint management information and digital assets


2. Minimize errors in the management of product information, coming from different systems.



publishing product sheets on different channels


3. Publishing product sheets on different channels, automatically maintaining them updated and consistent.



Features of Intelligent PIM

Your product catalog in a single tool

Easily import
all product data from external systems (ERP, PLM, Excel sheets) through a csv file. Speed up time-to-market with a single archive shared by all teams. 

import products catalog from csv files

Model data according to your needs

Uniform the features and the attributes stored in other systems, in order to keep the classification of your products consistent. Define rules for the automatic classification of the new products to be imported.

model data on your needs

Remove any risk of error

Through an automatic data quality process, THRON will identify any inconsistency in the classification of the imported products. And you can intervene to fix and uniform it.


data quality


To each product its variations

Create in few clicks a model of a product with all its variations (color, size etc.). Save time as you won't have to create different sheets. The variations will inherit from the model all the common features, as well as any updates.

manage product variations

Compelling product sheets thanks to images and videos

Enrich the informative sheet of a product with any kind of multimedia files: images, videos, animations, brochures, technical panels. You can search all this content in the Platform by the product's name or by its features.

add emotional product content foto video pdf




Automatic publication on any channel

Your product sheets will be synchronized across all channels, including the e-commerce and marketplaces. Choose how and when to publish them, and THRON will take care of the rest. You can update or remove information at any time, directly from the Platform.

omnichannel publication of product sheets



No more delays in your time-to-market

Speed up the work of your team by assigning specific tasks
along the creation of a product sheet. Monitor the work progress and set the automatic publication of the sheet, once it is done.

create product sheets quickly


Your catalog translated in all languages

Names, descriptions and product features: intervene directly on the sheet to edit or translate them in any language, depending on the target market.


localize and translate your product sheets



Exporting products has never been easier


It only takes one click to export product sheets in the formats required by marketplaces (such as PDF and Xml). Easily share your collections with dealers and third parties' e-shops.




easily export product catalog



Automated catalog layout

Select the information you need from THRON and automate the layout of your printed product catalogs with the native connector for Adobe InDesign.



adobe illustrator indesign catalog


Concentrate on your work

Easily customize the Platform interface, for mobile as well. Show your collaborators only what they need for their work, depending on their role. In this way, everybody can better focus on their own tasks.



focus on your work with personalized interfaces


Have you got a PIM already?
Integrate it with THRON!

Every piece of content on THRON will be associated with the corresponding product. The product code, the features, the description: all the product information will help you quickly retrieve the content in your archive.

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