Facilitate the management of all product information

Smart PIM
With Intelligent PIM you can manage all product information, both marketing and technical data, from a single tool. Quickly retrieve it to re-use it across your channels, such as e-commerce and online and paper catalogs.


THRON Intelligent PIM is the solution for




1. Thanks to a shared taxonomy between DAM and PIM, errors in product sheets enrichment are minimized and you collect consistent data.



unico software


2. Reduce integration and maintenance costs with a single, centralized tool.





3. Anyone working on products and
e-commerce uses the same tool, customized according to their role.


Features of Intelligent PIM


Custom user interface


With THRON Component Library you can create custom interfaces for the different PIM users.

Based on their role, you decide what to show them and which rights to assign them.

Thus, you avoid the multiplication of tools, while letting all contributors focus on their own activities. Greatly reduce the risk of mistakes by allowing users to view and edit only what is related to their tasks.



Data: import, modeling and quality


Import from ERP and/or PLM a .csv file of your product catalog, complete with all their features.

Create rules and triggers for the automatic generation of product features when importing data to the PIM.

THRON automatically recognizes any discrepancies between the data imported from external systems and the classification in your taxonomy.

You can also assign tasks to complete or verify missing information and inconsistencies.




A single taxonomy for content and products


Product information and assets share the same taxonomy as multimedia files. In this way, you can immediately find all the materials linked to a same product, while Content Intelligence collects consistent data.

Your taxonomy can evolve or change over time, but changes are retroactive, so you won't lose any of the data previously collected by Content Intelligence.

Tagging is kept consistent by auto-completion, which reduces errors, or by choosing product feature tags from a preset drop-down menu.

Arricchimento dei file di prodotto

Multilingual information and localization

all (and only) necessary languages in the platform settings.

Match each tag to the product once: it is already translated into all languages. This results in a single classification of product assets; moreover, the data collected is consistent, without the need to select a main language to use on the platform.

Translators can enter names and descriptions in multiple languages to localize products for each market.



Workflow and collaboration

You can monitor the progress of the product sheet creation process.

Assigns tasks to specific users to speed product catalog creation. For example, data quality, product sheet revision, text translation, image association.

Automatically publish product sheets on target channels: from proprietary e-commerce to major marketplaces.


Plug&play e-commerce integration


Ready-to-use Javascript components allows you to quickly place the visual elements in your e-commerce pages according to your brand image.

Product sheets are automatically populated with features, descriptions and digital assets.

Schede di prodotto



Export to marketplaces

Export the
product catalog already formatted for different marketplaces: Amazon, Zalando, Yoox, etc..

You decide which products to send to the different channels to always have under control where your products are visible.




Product catalog creation and download

Decide whether to display all the products or only the available ones (at a given time, or for a specific market).

Browse your catalog filtering products by market, category or technical feature.

Allow users to download or print single product sheets or the entire catalog.

Catalogo di prodotti

Immediate integration through APIs


You can integrate Intelligent PIM with all third-party systems using the API. For example, with a single request, you can import descriptions, features, digital assets, etc.


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