Help customers become ever more customer centric

Benefits for Partner

THRON helps its Partner to: 

Enhance the company database thanks to Content Intelligence

Make processes within the Customer's company
more efficient

Create a contnuous relationship with 

“THRON help us to increase the value of our content: a value that is constantly growing...”

ELISA TOMOVA – Project Management Director RHEI 

THRON enables Partners to offer the following added-value services:

Content Marketing ROI

Help your customers to measure the performance of their content. With THRON, they can collect relevant data and influence the results of their storytelling.

Personalize messages sent by marketing automation

Allow customers to create personalized communications, sending messages that correspond with their consumers’ interests. Help them to understand their users and choose the best content to suggest in advance, based on their preferences.

Make the omnichannel customer experience consistent

Allow customers to centralize their content in a single, intelligent hub that provides an integrated content delivery service; it means that they can suggest relevant content and therefore increase the conversion rate of their brands.

Enhance the company’s CRM data

Help customers to enhance their CRM data by adding user interests. In this way, the customer can take advantage of the Content Intelligence data to be aware of the interests of each prospect in advance, and suggest to the sales team which themes and products are of real interest to customers.

Advantages of THRON's Partnership Program

Quick training
program and
access to the help
portal to obtain

self-testing and
enterprise SLA
events and
lead generation


dedicated to
your needs.

Become a valuable partner for THRON


Try THRON’s Partnership Program with your current customers: make their content intelligent and their content strategy more efficient. Our Partner Managers will contact you within 24 hours to provide you with all the details. THRON will NOT contact your customers. Open a free trial account with your customers: if they sign a THRON contract within 180 days from the date of subscription, you will receive a commission.

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