To communicate worldwide without losing control of its content, China included

Valentino, a high-end clothing and accessories fashion house, is a world-renowned brand. Founded in 1957, it has been a style icon ever since. Its high fashion products are sold in over 70 countries via a network of 150 boutiques.


With more than 1 million digital assets distributed through more than 70 digital touch points worldwide each day, for Valentino it had become a priority to:

  1. speed up the upload procedures for new collections, in order to make them immediately available in all its boutiques and websites around the world, just a few minutes after the premiere presentation on the runway;
  2. centralize all digital asset publishing processes in order to be able to completely control their distribution and publication;
  3. periodically check identities and authorizations for the use of content on behalf of various stakeholders (store managers, press, retailers) in order to completely control the management of ownership rights;
  4. ensure brand identity and consistency, removing duplicates and managing a single version of the content across all digital touch points, including those of third parties.


Beforehand, digital asset management was based on the use of a traditional DAM, and it was fragmented between a variety of platforms. Thanks to the adoption of THRON, Valentino has further improved the relationship between its brand and people, centralizing all its digital assets and related publication processes in the Intelligent DAM. Today, thanks to THRON, Valentino is able to:

  1. Upload and make all the photos and videos of its new collections immediately accessible all over the world. Indeed, once uploaded in THRON, each digital asset is made available to all channels and applications, in the qualities and formats requested: websites, e-commerce, digital signage, intranet applications.
  2. Thanks to THRON Multimedia Proxy, installed in every boutique, Valentino has also managed to make multimedia content immediately operational for all its internal users. This occurs without having an impact on the network or slowing down internal services, absorbing the internal network loads that are traditionally present during presentations of new collections;
  3. Manage and periodically check access and ownership rights for digital assets. This is thanks to the integration of different front-end platforms and user identities, with THRON’s identity management systems, which allow for the identification and authorization of every request, or blocking of unauthorized accesses;
  4. Make the brand’s image and messages consistent across all its channels and touch points. Indeed, the updating of a single image is instantly diffused across all channels without having to request specific releases on the various CMSs.

Today, more than 70 applications are linked to the Intelligent DAM, and a variety of digital and integration partners work on the same basic system. In this way, Valentino has reduced its digital asset management activities by more than 75% and has guaranteed an omnichannel brand consistency worldwide, even in China.

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