To increase brand awareness through a personalized customer experience
Campagnolo is an historic brand in the world of cycling. Founded in 1933, with over 1,100 coworkers, it manufactures and distributes gears and wheels for high-end racing bicycles all over the world. Innovation is in the company’s DNA: its founder, Tullio Campagnolo, is considered the inventor of the bicycle’s modern-day gearshift.


Campagnolo wanted to speak more directly with its customers, who are so attached to the brand that they consider it a lovemark. To do this, it positioned a series of objective strategies at the base of its digital project: 

  1. to increase brand awareness;
  2. to offer an ever more personalized customer experience;
  3. to speed up and make content distribution consistent;
  4. to measure content performance capable of offering the best results;


Campagnolo has started out on a significant journey that is helping it to move from general communication to an ever more personalized communication between the brand and people. With the adoption of THRON the Intelligent DAM, Campagnolo has managed to obtain:


  1. Centralization and distribution of its content across all company channels, previously distributed between various silos, removing all duplications in this way;
  2. Reduction to a few seconds of real-time updating of any digital asset, obtaining complete brand consistency within its own Trade Area, the area reserved for all brand retailers. Thanks to this, Campagnolo is able to guarantee brand consistency and instant updates of any new product or product variation, without having to take care of application releases to update each reference channel;
  3. Collection, thanks to the Single Customer View, of valuable insights in order to understand each individual’s interests, managing to interact in an ever more personalized way with each retailer;
In Campagnolo’s vision, breaking down the walls of generalized communication is the big future challenge. THRON is helping us to reach this goal.
Marco Frealdo
Digital Marketing Manager

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